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Wildworx is based in Alcester, Warwickshire. We offer bespoke campervan, van and kombi conversions. We stock a variety of alloys and other campervan or van accessories. You can find all the products available on our website but we will pick the most favourite Alcester campervan conversions in our workshop that  customers choose to be done on their van.

Pop top roof

Here at Wildworx, we use reputable suppliers to supply you with the best pop top roof on the market. We use source pop top roofs from Austops and Skyline. If you would like to explore other choices then please get in touch with us at Alcester campervan conversions workshop. So, how do you choose a pop top roof? Well keep reading and we will let you know! They are the perfect choice to include in your van conversion, as they are very comfortable and it makes a huge difference when you are travelling in your van and you will get a good night's sleep. Our technicians have vast amounts of experience in fitting pop top roofs to your vans to ensure the conversion is done to a high standard and adhering to all health and safety requirements. When it comes to selecting the roof, there are a few options you can choose from different types of colours, such as Slate Black, Light Beige, Hearty Burgundy, Lollipop Red and Smoke Grey.apart from the colours here at Alcester campervan conversions workshop, you need to decide on the size of the canvas. Some people don’t mind it but some do because of how much pop top roof protrudes at the top of the van. 

Van Conversions near me in Alcester

Carpet lining and Insulation

The benefits of having your van carpet lined is endless but in short it offers a great home-like feel and helps insulation too! At our Alcester campervan conversions workshop offers carpet lining and insulation service. The service includes sound-deadening full interior for either a SWB or LWB  van. The four way stretch carpet is a great alternative to only plywood.

Underslung LPG gas system

What is a LPG gas system? It is a tank that sits underneath the van and is used for all appliances in your campervan, like a gas hob. How do you fill up your LPG gas system? There are a selected Shell petrol stations that offer LPG too as well as petrol and diesel. During the Alcester campervan conversions, we place the pipe facing the rear of the vehicle and the opening is covered up. Once you get to the petrol station, lift up the opening and turn it clockwise and pick up the nozzle and fit it onto the end of the underslung LPG. Once filled up and you take off the nozzle it will let some gas out but that’s completely normal.

Window Install

Here at our Alcester campervan conversion workshop offer a few options on fitting your new window. Whether you need the previous window removed or not we have it covered! We offer tinted sliding windows, fixed windows, rear quarter windows, false rear quarter windows and tailgate windows. We think fitting windows is the best finishing touch to a van conversion. It gives more light and more ventilation. The great thing is that even when you are stuck inside your campervan or van because it’s raining at least you can still have a view through the window. 

Swivelling van seats 

Let’s talk about swivelling van seats at the front. We see a lot of our customers choosing this option and we think this is a great idea! This is because when you have swivelling van seats you can turn the two front seats around. This gives plenty more space and options on where to unwind. These come at a price of £240 each for a VW T5 and T6, however if you prefer something different we have the option of sourcing a double swivel bench seat, this comes at a price of £580 each. We love this choice at Alcester campervan conversions workshop!

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Power leisure systems

What is a power leisure system? Good job you asked, we have all the low down on the leisure batteries. Our team at Alcester campervan conversions have over 15 years experience of fitting and have attended all the courses necessary, so all our work is done to a high standard and adhering to all the healthy & safety precautions. A leisure battery keeps all the modern campervan systems running. The battery you need depends on your camper lifestyle. If you only camp at the camping sites then a standard leisure battery will do the job because mostly you’ll be hooked up at the campsite anyway. However, if you are wild camping most of the time then we recommend a 12v leisure battery. We offer the sourcing and fitting at our Alcester workshop. The usual price comes at £739, but please do always consult us to make sure we have covered all the bespoke options you may need!