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Looking For An Affordable Van Conversion?
Creating your new camper is a huge deal, it’s a big investment and something that you’ll get to enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately, finding the right place to sort out an affordable van conversion can be difficult. But look at that, you’ve found us already!
Buying A Campervan - What Do You Need To Know?
If you’re considering buying a campervan, there are loads of things you should think about. They are an incredible way to explore the country or even do a big European road trip. They’re comfortable, can be tailored to suit you...
VW Transporter Interior
It’s important to understand what you’re looking for with your VW Transporter Interior. Before you commission your build, it’s really important to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a Campervan Conversion, a Kombi Conversion or somewhere in between with a Day Van Conversion.
Diesel Heaters
Diesel Heater Systems for your Campervan Installing a Diesel Heating System really does take your campervan to the next level! It means you get an extra few months a year that you can comfortably camp (without freezing your bits off)...
Campervan Table
Choosing Campervan Table can be pretty confusing. Mainly due to age old Campervan question…where do I store it? There are a few options on the market for you to choose from. We will run through the pro’s and con’s of each...
Campervan Conversion Everest 22: The Fowlers
The team at Wildworx worked together with the Fowler family to create their dream VW T6.1 Campervan Conversion. It needed to work for 2 adults and a child for various types of adventure. From short weekend trips to big European summers. ...
Buy A Campervan For Summer 2022 And Don’t Look Back!
As we approach our first normal summer of the decade, what better way to make the most of our full freedoms than to buy a campervan? Every weekend could be a new adventure! Once you’ve got the keys, it’s your...
Campervan Solar Panels

Campervan solar panels are a fantastic addition to any campervan conversion. 

Come To Wildworx For Your Campervan Accessories
Here at Wildworx, we can create your dream camper built to your exact specifications. This means that it can be designed to suit any style, on whatever budget. To finish your camper properly, we have a range of campervan accessories, which can add that little extra something special.
Campervan Conversions Warwickshire - Why Pick Wildworx?
Looking for the best campervan conversions Warwickshire has to offer? There’s no better place to start than here! Look at that, you’ve got the ball rolling already. OK, yes we are of course somewhat biased, but there are plenty of reasons to choose Wildworx. 
Planning Your First Trip - Sleeping And Eating Well

Buying your new campervan, or picking up your fresh van conversion, is incredibly exciting! 

You can’t just jump in and head straight out on the road though,* you need to do a bit of planning before you take off, to ensure you’re going to be sleeping and eating properly.

Focus On VW T6 - Our Van Conversions Ready To Go Today!
We love working with our customers to convert their vehicles into their dream campervans. However, we may just slightly prefer it when we get to design and build our own… just so that we can pick all of our favourite bits!
Campervan/Van Conversion Or Motorhome?

Here at Wildworx, we are incredibly proud of being one of the most highly regarded businesses in Warwickshire if you’re looking to buy a campervan or convert your existing vehicle (as evidenced by our multitude of five-star reviews).

VW Transporter Conversion Ideas
Your VW Transporter Conversion is an exciting project. Whether you are only wanting to change your VW Transporter Alloy Wheels or go for a full on Campervan Conversion. Here at Wildworx HQ we got you sorted! No job is too big or...
VW T5 Awning Rail
VW T5 Awning rail for campervan and van or kombi T5 Awning Rail is a great addition to your Transporter van or campervan. Wildworx offers Vamoose awning rails. They're great products and we install both on our fleet vehicles and customer...
Pop top mattress for your camper
Pop top camper mattress is a very comfy premium thick mattress to add extra comfort to your campervan pop top roof bed. You don’t want to be sleeping on a very thin layered Pop top camper mattress because your back...
Loc8 Table for your campervan
Loc8 Table for your campervan is a great choice for your campervan conversion. There are many choices out there but usually what happens is that people want to save some money on purchasing items for their campervan but in the long...
VW T6 Awning Rail
The VW T6 Awning Rail is a great addition to your Campervan Conversion. For us the best VW T6 Awning Rail available on the market is the Vamoose Combi Rail.
How to choose a camper awning
A Camper Awning can add loads of space to your campervan conversion.  We're going to go talk you through the choices you have with a Camper Awning. There are loads of different options to choose from. The main variations include:  Wind-out...
Campervan Conversion: Choosing a Company
Looking to find a Campervan Conversion Company? Whether you're looking for a full Campervan Conversion or just a basic Van Conversion, it can be really tricky to know where to start. When looking at Campervan dealers it's hard to sift through...
Best Campervan Parts
Have you ever wondered what parts are essential for your campervan or which parts you seriously just can’t go away on a trip? Well, don’t stop reading here and carry on as we will discuss and advise on the best...