Campervan Table

Choosing Campervan Table can be pretty confusing. Mainly due to age old Campervan question…where do I store it?

There are a few options on the market for you to choose from. We will run through the pro’s and con’s of each to help you make a decision for your campervan conversion.

Campervan Tables Options Available

  • Loc8 Table System
  • Folding table leg and table
  • Swing out, side mounted table (Swan Leg)
  • Sequoia table leg system


We’ve started with this one because it is the table we use most frequently in our Campervan Conversions at Wildworx. The Loc8 Camper Table is an integrated, stand alone campervan table. Its stored within the sliding door and fits neatly away. It can be used inside and outside of your camper. Because of its purpose made sliding storage panel it doesn’t rattle like other solutions. The system can also be removed and fitted into your next van when you change. 


  • Store your table in the sliding door 
  • Use inside and outside your camper
  • Folds away neatly
  • Takes up less space than traditional table


  • Some tools needed for installation

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Campervan Table from Wildworx

You will see the folding table leg and table in lots of campervans. It’s a good option. A folding table leg used in conjunction with a 900mm table rail and table clips is the most popular way to install a table into a campervan. It provides a stable platform and due to the long length of rails used can also allow the table to be fitted in several positions along the rail. 


  • Stable 
  • Can be folded away 
  • Large surface area 


  • Rail is mounted into your campervan furniture (can be unsightly) 
  • Storing the table when not in use is difficult 
  • Install requires tool and time


Campervan Table from Wildworx

This table is installed on the side of the van by the sliding door. This makes it very secure. It can swing into and out of the van. Makes it great for alfresco eating. It can only have a small surface area due to its install location. Similar size to a tray table on a plane. 


  • Stable
  • Use inside and outside your camper
  • Space saving 


  • Small 
  • Get in the way of the sliding door 
  • Not removable 

Wildworx manufacturers a wide range of bespoke table parts and accessories. Get in touch if you require a bespoke Campervan Table for your conversion.