Choosing a Pop Top Roof for your Campervan Conversion

Pop Top Roof for your Campervan Conversion

Your pop top roof is the most significant investment in your campervan you'll make. Not sure what to do when choosing a pop top roof for your VW Transporter Campervan Conversion? Well, you have come to the right place.  We’ve put together this guide to choosing the best roof for your campervan.

Pop top roof for your campervan

What is a pop top roof?

The Pop top Campervan Roof is one of the most exciting parts of your conversion. It’s the part that means you go from van to campervan! Whilst you are travelling, the pop top roof will stay down. Campervan roof conversions transform your van. 

It’s also the build element that can add the most value to your vehicle if done correctly. It will also include a pop camper bed or bed platform. However, when you are at your destination, all you have to do is pop it open, and you will be set up for camping (so much easier than a tent!)

You must ensure your pop top roof fits your desired awning or awning rail. It's also worth considering your solar panel set-up before you choose your pop top. 

How much are pop top roofs?

How much you’ll pay for your pop top roof depends on various factors. A pop top roof, including fitting, can range anywhere from £2,500 - £8,500. This will depend on lots of factors, including: 

  • The pop top roof brand 
  • Long wheel base or short wheel base
  • The canvas options
  • Is it colour coded?
  • Hinge options 
  • Safety accreditation (TUV)
  • Fastening mechanisms 
  • Installation quality 

What pop top roof brand to choose?

Choosing the right pop top roof brand is hard, mainly because so many are available. We have fitted lots of different types over the years, but the brands we stick with are: 

  • SCA
  • Reimo 
  • Austops 
  • Skyline 
  • WestDubs 

Wildworx will fit pop top roofs onto lots of different base vehicles, for example:

VW Caddy Pop top roof

Fitting a pop top roof

What’s involved in installing a pop top roof? Installing a pop top roof to your campervan is a pretty big job. It includes cutting into the fabric of the panel van and then attaching the roof around new supports.

While it is possible to do this on a self-build project, we don’t recommend it for novice converters. Only take on this job if you have good experience with tools:

Tools required:

  • Angle grinder with cutting discs or jigsaw with long blades
  • Clamps
  • Electric drill with 3-10mm drill bits
  • Gearbox jacks (2) or similar supports
  • Pop rivet gun
  • Screwdrivers
  • Silicone
  • Sealant gun
VW T6 Campervan Conversion from Wildworx with Pop top roof

Choosing a professional conversion company

Choosing a professional conversion company is very important. The most common problem when installing a pop top roof is cutting into the wiring harness; this is a costly problem to fix and can mean your van is unusable.

If you skip parts of the process or don’t do things properly, it is a structural part of the van and could become dangerous. Finding a converter is something you should take pretty seriously. The following are the basic steps that are involved in fitting a pop top roof:

Key Steps

  1. Cut out
    - Strip out vehicle interior
    - Prep the vehicle
    - Mark out and measure
    - Cutting of roof
  2. Support
    - Fit your support structure
    - Electrical wiring added for later
  3. Roof fitting
    - Roof installation secure the roof to the van
    - Adjustments and positioning
    - Secure the canopy
    - Sealing Canopy
    - Interior trim

Pop Top Roof Safety 

We recommend only choosing a pop top roof which has some safety testing. We would only fit a roof from a TUV tested manufacturer. TUV testing is completed in Cologne and ensures that the roof or the roof fitting process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe. This is the only test that stress tests the structural integrity of the van and is an absolute must. 

Pop top Roof Profile

Most people are concerned about the profile of the outside of the vehicle when choosing a roof. Some cheaper roof options can sit very high and alter the van's look.

Most modern roof manufacturers offer a low-profile roof option which helps with the exterior aesthetics. 

Pop top roof Colour Coding

You’ll more than likely want the pop top roof to be colour coded to the colour of your van. This can be done in a few ways, but the best option is Gel-Coat Colour Matching.

This can be done with any non-metallic colour as part of the manufacturing process. Meaning there can be no flaking or blistering in the paintwork. 

Pop top roof from Wildworx

Pop top Canvas Options 

Most manufacturers offer different canvas colours. We’ve seen a few bright blues that make the inside of the van feel pretty chilly! Take care to consider what the canvas colour will do to the light inside the camper. 

Panoramic canvas options where the front of the canvas opens are proving very popular. It’s usually only a few hundred pounds more, but well worth the investment! 

Pop top roof Locking System

It’s essential to know that the roof will stay down when you’re driving! Loads of different locking mechanisms keep the roof down on the road. They range from simple pully straps to complex locking systems.

Generally, the cheaper roofs use straps, and the higher end of the market uses clasps etc. Some roofs on the market use a key that locks the roof shut, which is excellent for added safety in the van. For example, the Skyline Aurora has a great locking mechanism.  

Sometimes manufacturers can over complex the process, making the roof hard to open and close. Make sure you test out your roof in real life before ordering. 

Pop top roof in a VW Campervan Conversion Wildworx

The pop top roof warranty

Check out the warranty length. They tend to be three years, except for Skyline, who offers a generous five-year warranty. We’ve fitted 900+ roofs over the years; it’s not very often we have to use the warranty. But sometimes things happen, and it’s great to know it’s built to last. 

Pop top roof conversion from Wildworx

Wildworx Campervan Pop Top Roof Conversions

The roof we would choose changes every year as new products come on the market. We think the best and most reasonably priced roof on the market is the Skyline Aurora.

We like to keep things simple, and this roof is of fantastic quality without overcomplicating the situation! It offers a low profile and easy opening with a panoramic canvas. 

We're part of the Skyline Roof fitting network, so get in touch for your pop-top roof installation quote. Get in touch with us to get more information on your pop top roof campervan conversion. 

Wildworx also sells a variety of Campervan Accessories to take your van to the next level.

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