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Awning Rail Combi Vamoose VW T6, T5 - Wildworx Custom Van Accessories


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Wheel Base

These Vamoose Campervan and Van VW Transporter T5 and T6 awning rail are suitable for the Fiamma F45 & F35 awnings as well as all drive away awnings (such as the Vango inflatable awning collection) Sits very subtly on the side of your van, meaning you don't need to worry about changing the profile of your vehicle. 

Vamoose Combi Awning Rail fully adjustable universal mounting bracket for securely installing any Fiamma F45 wind out awning onto a Vamoose Combi rail with or without elevating roof. These can be installed on VW T4, T5, T6, Transporters (all variants) Comes in powder coated textured finish complete with all fixings and general instructions. Also compatible with Reimo multi rail and Brandrup awning rails. This Combi Rail is a combination gutter and awning rail designed specifically for VW T4 & T5 LWB vans. The bar is produced from T4 malleable aluminium so has greater flexibility, masking it easier to mould to the vehicle's profile.

What's Included

This particular version is for fitting to the LH side of the vehicle and comes with front and rear LH end caps included as part of the kit. Full fitting instructions, screws and 3M adhesive tack (for ease of positioning) are also supplied as standard. We can also provide fitting instructions over the phone. 

Installation Instructions


This awning rail is compatible with all Volkswagen Transporter models. (T4, T5, T6)

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