5 VW Campervan Accessories you need for your van

Guide on the best VW Campervan Accessories you need for your campervan.  

If you're like me, always looking for ways to enhance your travel experience, you know that having the right gear can make all the difference. For me, my trusty campervan is essential for hitting the road in comfort and style.

While I love the freedom of traveling in my van, there are times when a few creature comforts can go a long way in making the journey even better. That's why I've put together this guide on the best VW Campervan accessories that will help you create the ultimate setup for your next adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned van-lifer or just starting out with a campervan conversion, these essentials are sure to make your travels more enjoyable.

VW Transporter T6 Accessories from Wildworx

Pimping out your VW Campervan is one of the best parts of becoming a van owner. Once you have your van, here are our top 5 must have VW Campervan Accessories for your van. 

  1. Awning rail 
  2. Solar Panels 
  3. Diesel Heater
  4. Camper Fridge 
  5. Transporter Bike Rack

VW Crafter Camper Conversion from Wildworx Kitchen

Awning Rail

Awning rails are a must-have for those who want to enjoy the outdoors, no matter where they go. They can be installed on the side of your camper, without ruining the look of your van. 

You can install the awning rail in just minutes without any tools or special skills. All you need is an adjustable wrench and some basic DIY knowledge. It takes most people less than 30 minutes. There are loads of fantastic videos out there to help you with the installation process. 

The Vamoose Awning Rail is designed to fit any campervan and is made of stainless steel with a powder-coated finish. The kit includes all of the necessary hardware, so you don't have to worry about purchasing anything else.

Once you have your awning rail, you can now easily attach any awning to your van and enjoy the shade on your outdoor adventures. My personal favourite is the Vango awning collection. Check out the Vamoose Awning Rail

Campervan Conversion Accessories and parts

Fiamma F45s Wind Our Awning

The Fiamma F45s wind out awnings are a game-changer. These awnings are a great addition to any campervan setup, offering a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Whether you're looking to create some extra outdoor living space or just want a little shade from the sun, Fiamma F45s awnings have got you covered - quite literally! With their robust design and easy-to-use winding mechanism, these awnings are a reliable and convenient option for any camping trip.

Awning Rail on Campervan Conversion

Solar Panels

Solar panel kits are a great way to power your campervan. They provide power for lights and the fridge. You can also charge your phone with them. As well as 240v electronics like your laptop or camera. 

Solar panels are an important part of a renewable energy system. They’ve been around for over 50 years, but it’s only in the last five years that they have become more affordable and efficient. A solar panel can be a great addition to your campervan conversion. It can help you save on electric hook-up costs at campsites, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

The solar panel is mounted to the roof of the campervan, it needs a fair bit of sun in order to work properly. In the UK we always suggest having an alternative battery source to enable you to have a reliable power supply. 

There are many benefits to using solar panels in your campervan conversion. They provide clean energy, they do not produce any emissions, they last for a long time, they don't require any maintenance or fuel and they are easy to install.

We suggest installing a minimum of a 180 watt solar panel to your campervan. This means you can power things like laptops and cameras. Make sure you fit a MPPT controller to your set up to connect to your existing leisure battery system. 


Solar panel on Campervan Conversion at Wildworx on Grey VW Transporter

Diesel Heating System

As someone who hates being cold but loves camping…this is a total must have. A Diesel Heater is a heater that is mounted underneath your van and uses your diesel fuel tank for power. It can heat the inside of your campervan to a temperature of up to 50°C and it can do this within 10 minutes. Nice and toasty! 

Campervan diesel heaters are a great way to keep your camper warm during cold winter nights. They provide a cost-effective and reliable alternative to gas and electric heaters. They are also much safer. It really worries me when I hear of people using plug in radiators in their campervans. A big no from me. 

One thing to watch out for is the huge rise in so-called “chinese diesel heaters” flooding the market. These imported heaters are much cheaper than the traditional brands like Eberschper and Webasto. However they are not tested and can be really volatile. 

We installed one in a vehicle a few years ago. It malfunctioned after a few months' use and started flooding the van with thick white smoke. Luckily it happened in the yard and we were able to remove the heater and replace it with a more reputable brand.

Your campervan heater will be pretty cheap to run. Tapping into your existing fuel tank, it uses very little diesel at a time. Around 0.1 and 0.6 litres an hour. 

As a very rough guide, this translates to about 10p per hour.  

Installation for a DIY converter should be fairly easy if you know your way around tools, and have a good understanding of your vehicle. If that doesn’t sound like you, get in touch. We offer Eberspacher Diesel Heating System installation from our workshop in Alcester, Warwickshire. 

Read our full Diesel Heating System guide here.

Diesel Heating System in Campervan Conversion 

Campervan Fridge

A campervan fridge is an essential part of your campervan conversion. You want it to be able to store food and drinks while also keeping them cool. One of the must have VW Campervan interior accessories. 

There are two main types of fridges available: the traditional compressor fridge or a 12V electric one. The compressor fridge is permanently installed in your camper and is more powerful. While the 12V electric fridge is less powerful, takes up less space and can be much cheaper. These are usually just fancy cool-boxes! 

The most important thing to consider is what you’re going to be using your camper for. If you plan on day trips to the beach, and not cooking big meals. Then you might want something portable, a cool-box could be a good option for you. They take up less space and can be cheaper than an internal fridge. 

If you plan on cooking lots of meals or have kids in tow, then a permanent internal fridge is the way to go. 

There are a few other things to consider when purchasing a campervan fridge such as size, insulation, power consumption and price.

You want to make sure that the fridge does not use too much energy and leave you with a drained leisure battery system. If you start looking into the off-grid lifestyle, you’ll notice how a tiny change in fridge capacity can impact your leisure battery systems. However for most campervan enthusiasts, the Dometic Fridge Freezer will fit for their needs. 

I always look for a fridge that has both a freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment. This means you can take the all important ice-creams away with you!

If you are looking for a campervan fridge, then we are here to help. We have a wide range of campervan fridges that will fit any kind of van conversion. 

Campervan Fridge and Campervan Accessories

VW Bike Rack

VW Transporter Bike Rack is a great way to save space in your campervan. It’s designed to carry up to four bikes on the back of your van. It has a lock so that it can be securely fastened to the vehicle. 

There are loads of different brands of bike racks to choose from. We always recommend the genuine Volkswagen bike rack. I’ve used loads of different types over the years, but I think this one is the easiest to use. The other brands can be difficult to open and close, as well as being very heavy. 

The genuine VW Bike rack is super easy to open and close, light-weight, and can hold up to four bikes. It also has a great release button on it which makes moving the bike quick and easy. There’s no need to worry about the bikes falling off either, because they have a really secure system!

The VW Bike Rack is made from steel and powder coated with a chrome finish. It’s made of durable steel and has a weight limit of 100kg. It can be installed on the back door (tailgate or barndoor) of your camper.

Campervan Conversion Accessories from Wildworx

VW Styling Accessories 

If you're looking for external VW Styling, a great place to start is VW Transporter Alloy Wheels. This can help you get a sporty or swamper look. 

Many campervan enthusiasts opt for Low Pro Springs or Low Pro Coilovers to improve their vehicle's handling and aesthetics. If you're thinking about modifying your suspension then take a look at our blog giving you an overview of what's involved.

Other external styling options include the VW front splitter and for those looking to really go all out the VB Air Suspension is always an option. 

Thetford Porta Potti

The Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 might just be your new best friend. With a natural seating height and a waste-holding tank capacity of 21 litres, this toilet is perfect for those looking for a comfortable and convenient solution to their portable toilet needs. And the best part? You won't need any connections to drainage or water systems.

It's lightweight and made of durable plastic, so you won't have to worry about it falling apart after a few uses. The manual bellows pump system with an integrated pour out spout and seat lock mechanism makes emptying it a breeze. And with its compact size and dimensions, it's easy to store and transport. 

Thetford Porta Potti

Campervan Table

If you're in the market for a campervan table, you might want to check out the Loc8 Campervan Table System for VW T5 and T6. This table is the perfect solution for your Transporter VW Campervan as it fits snugly in the sliding door and can be used both inside and outside your camper.

The Loc8 Table is foldable and takes up less space than traditional tables, making it ideal for those looking to maximize space. Plus, it's made from high-quality materials and is built to last. The fold-out legs are made from black aluminum, which ensures the table remains stable on any surface.

The Loc8 Campervan Table System includes everything you need for easy installation and is hassle-free. Whether you're cooking up a storm, working, or just enjoying a meal with friends, the Loc8 Table System is the perfect addition to your campervan.

VW Thermal Blinds

If you're tired of sweating in your campervan or worrying about people peeping in, the VW Thermal Blinds are a must-have. These thermal window covers are custom-made to fit your van's windows, providing insulation to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. They also offer complete privacy, so you can relax without worrying about prying eyes. With easy installation using rubber suction cups and a storage bag included, these thermal blinds are a great addition to any VW T6 or T6.1 campervan.

Looking for something bigger?

The VW Crafter Side Flares by Wildworx are a game-changer when it comes to maximising space in your VW Crafter or Man TGE MWB/LWB van. These lightweight fibreglass flares are sold in pairs and can add up to 2.5 inches of extra width to your van, providing more flexibility in the layout of your living area.

You can fit a full-length bed, seating for four, a cooking area, and a bathroom. Installation is relatively simple, and Wildworx also offers a fitting service upon request. With a one-year manufacturer warranty and a quick production timeline, these side flares are worth considering to make your van more versatile and comfortable.


VW Crafter Campervan Conversion with Side Flares

VW Campervan Accessories

If you're a van enthusiast then you might well have already decked your camper out with all of the above ideas. Here are a few more ideas to really make sure your getting the most out of your campervan experience. 

  1. Add-ons: Comfortable seats, mattress, Campervan Table and chairs
  2. Lighting: Solar panel, LED lights
  3. Kitchen: BBQ, cooler box, stove accessories
  4. Garage: Toolbox, spare tyre
  5. Safety: First aid kit
  6. Electric Hook Up Cable
  7. Centre console for your cab
  8. Campervan Conversion parts: Carpet

Best VW Campervan Accessories

Best VW California Accessories

The VW California is the perfect vehicle for anyone who loves to travel and explore the outdoors. To make the most of your adventures, you need the best VW California accessories to enhance your vehicle's functionality and comfort. From awnings to roof racks, solar panels to fridges, there are a variety of accessories that can improve your experience on the road.

Some of the best VW California accessories include the Fiamma F45s Awning, which provides shade and shelter from the elements, the Dometic CoolFreeze Portable Fridge, which keeps your food and drinks cool and fresh, and the VW Bike Rack, which allows you to carry your bikes securely on the back of your vehicle.

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a longer road trip, the right accessories can make all the difference in ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable journey in your VW California.

VW Campervan Accessories from WIldworx

And Finally...

VW Campervan Accessories are a great way to customise your VW Campervan. There are many options available to choose from and they come in a wide variety of prices. Whether you want to add some style or just make the van more comfortable, there is an accessory that will fit your needs.

Have questions? Get in touch with our team.