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Diesel Heaters

Diesel Heater Systems for your Campervan

Installing a Diesel Heating System really does take your campervan to the next level. It means you get an extra few months a year that you can comfortably camp (without freezing your bits off)

Diesel Heater Install from Wildworx

Here we go through some key elements you must consider when buying a camper diesel night heater.  What type of Diesel Heater should I choose? Diesel Heaters for your campervan work by heating the cold air. It gets its power from your van's diesel fuel tank.

They use very little diesel, which is why people love them. There are a few different types and brands that you can choose for your campervan diesel heater. 

You need to take into consideration a few things: 

  • How loud is it when running 
  • Safety record 
  • Fuel efficiency 
  • How effective is it at heating the camper
  • Smell of fumes 

You need to make sure the Diesel Heater for Campervan you choose is capable of heating your camper with the pop top roof open. Obviously lots of air can escape out of the roof so you need to be sure the heater is reliable. You need to ensure your diesel van heater is up to scratch. 

Diesel Heaters

How Does a Diesel Heater Work in a Campervan?

A diesel heater is a heating system that runs on diesel fuel. It works by drawing in air from the outside, heating it with a fuel burner, and then distributing it into your campervan through ducts. Diesel heaters are highly efficient and can warm your vehicle quickly, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Diesel Night Heaters for Campervans are available in a range of sizes, from small 12v models to larger 24v systems. A thermostat or a remote control can control them, and some even come with a smartphone app that allows you to adjust the temperature from your phone.

Leisure Battery for Diesel Heater

A leisure battery is an essential component of a campervan diesel heater system. It provides power to the heater when the engine is turned off, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

“Standard camper van sized diesel heaters from Webasto, Espar, and Chinese manufacturers all demand similar amounts of power (roughly 20-55 watts per hour). On the high end, you can expect to draw 4-5 amps of power per hour, meaning you’ll only need around 100AH of power from your leisure batteries to run your diesel heater on high for 24 hours.” - Taran Causey, Darien Co

Eberspacher Diesel Heater for your Campervan 

Eberspacher heaters are some of the safest on the market. Manufactured in Germany, they have a great reputation and can stand the test of time. They’ll work even in freezing temperatures, making your camper much more comfortable.

They’re simple to fit and come with a great controller. The Eberspacher Diesel Heater is really effective and efficient at heating a camper interior. 

  • Simple to fit 
  • Eberspacher diesel heater controller 
  • Fuel efficient 
  • High safety standards
  • Quiet 
  • Around £1,000

We would recommend the Eberspächer Airtronic D2 12v Externally mounted Diesel Heater Kit for the Volkswagen Transporter VW T5 and VW T6. The remote means you can turn the heater on as you come back to your van to enable it to warm up by the time you get back for a cuppa!

This night heater can handle altitudes of 9,000 feet. Far surpassing anything you will experience in the EU. 

Two tone VW Campervan

Webasto Diesel Heater 

The Webasto Diesel Heater is very similar to the Eberspacher, with very similar benefits. Webasto Diesel Heaters are the market leader due to their quality and reliability. For those that are looking for a serious bit of kit the Webasto Heater can handle altitudes of up to 5,000 feet! 

  • Simple to fit 
  • Webasto diesel heater controller 
  • Energy efficient
  • High safety standards
  • Quiet 
  • Around £1,000

The multi-controller included in the kit allows you to run diagnostics on the screen. In addition, external temperature sensors and thermostats will help you accurately gauge the temperature. 

Webasto or Eberspacher for your Campervan Diesel Heater?

Totally impossible to call this one. Both have great qualities and are pretty similar bits of kit. This one is down to price and personal preference. 

If you have an awning you should consider how you're going to heat it in the winter. They can get very cold. You can purchase portable heaters that help. 

Chinese Diesel Heaters 

The Chinese Diesel Heaters have caused a bit of a stir over the last few years. We have installed a few in our own vehicles as a test. However, we really would be cautious if you’re thinking of installing one in your own van. You’re sleeping in a confined space with your family. It’s just too much of a risk. 

Often the heating system will work fine when first installed but over time the components will start to burn and smoke. Some faults we have seen:

  • Parts are often faulty 
  • Melting components 
  • Scorched electrical elements 
  • Fans that rub on the coupling 
  • No warranty 
  • Around £200

We fully understand how much cheaper a Chinese Diesel Heater can be. But this is serious stuff that’s being messed with here, ultimately, we would advise anyone against getting one of these. There are much better options out there that could cost you less in the long run. 

Diesel Heater Installation Cost

You’re able to install your own Camper Van Diesel Heater with only limited knowledge fairly easily. I would recommend the following video which should give you an idea of the basics. 

It should take around 6 hours for a professional to install the system. You will need to:

  • Find the right location to mount your heater
  • Cut the hole in the campervan floor 
  • Install the heater
  • Secure your exhaust and air intake under the van 
  • Hook up your cables
  • Start the heater for the first time

If installing the heater isn’t your cup of tea, Wildworx offers Diesel Heater Installation from our workshop in Alcester, Warwickshire.

The cost to install a diesel heater would be around £900 including the heater itself. If you would like more information please get in touch. 

We install the Eberspacher Diesel Heater or the Webasto Diesel Heater.  

VW T5 VW T6 Diesel Heater Installation Cost

The cost of installing a diesel heater in a VW T5 campervan can vary depending on the model and the complexity of the installation. On average, you can expect to pay around £1,500 for a high-quality diesel heater and installation.

Diesel Heater Power

The heating systems are powered from the diesel fuel tank. However they require 18amp power from your leisure battery to turn on initially. You need to make sure you have adequate leisure batteries to start the Diesel Heater. If your leisure batteries are drained below 18 amp to 12v, then you won’t be able to start your heating system. 

Think about installing a solar panel system to help with your power supply. 

If you have a split charge system you can start the engine of the van to get around this issue. However it is best to have the correct leisure battery system to begin with. Get in touch with our team if you need any help with this issue. 

Diesel Fuel Tank Installation

Make sure you fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm 

Once you’ve had your heater installed it’s important to install a Carbon Monoxide alarm. This will mean you get a warning if there are any leaks in your system. Mount this on the wall next to your kitchen area. This will also help with any leaks in your gas system. 

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Wildworx Diesel Heaters 

Wildworx has loads of experience with Campervan Diesel Heaters. Get in touch with our team to discuss your Camper Diesel heater install in more detail.