LWB VW Crafter/MAN TGE Motorhome Conversion

Our long wheelbase VW Crafter / MAN TGE build is designed to provide you with everything you need for a true off-grid lifestyle. Enabling you to explore the world with comfort and style. This is a fully loaded high-end professional motorhome conversion.

VW Crafter Campervan Layout

About Wildworx

We are a team of experienced vehicle conversion specialists. Our mission is simple: we want to help people experience the world by getting off the beaten track and creating their own memories. We take pride in our work, so we only create a limited number of unique builds each year.

Campervan Interior

When you step inside the Wildworx VW Crafter Motorhome, you'll immediately notice the attention to detail and the high-quality finishes. The interior has been thoughtfully designed to maximise space and provide a comfortable living experience.

Seating and Sleeping Arrangements

The motorhome can accommodate up to four passengers, making it ideal for small families or groups of friends. The conversion features comfortable captain's swivel chairs with armrests at the front. All four seats are equipped with seatbelts.

At night, the rear platform bed offers ample space for a restful night's sleep, and it comes with convenient under-bed storage to keep your belongings organised and easily accessible. The bed is designed to accommodate individuals up to 6'3" in height, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience for everyone.

The Conversion

The Wildworx VW Crafter Motorhome is equipped with a range of amenities and utilities to enhance your camping experience. Here are some notable features:

  • Dodo soundproofing, insulation, and thermal fleece: These ensure a peaceful and well-insulated interior, providing comfort in various weather conditions.
  • CBE Electrical system: The electrical system allows for easy control and monitoring of various functions, including lighting and charging.
  • 180w solar panel with MPPT controller: Harness the sun’s power to keep your leisure batteries charged and extend your off-grid adventures.
  • 2000w Pure Sinewave inverter: Power your electronic devices and appliances seamlessly while on the road.
  • USB charger, cigarette charger, double socket: Conveniently charge your devices and appliances without the need for adapters.
  • LED Spotlights, LED mood lighting, LED Reading lights: Create the perfect ambience and enjoy well-lit spaces throughout the campervan.
  • Privacy windows: Enjoy natural light while maintaining your privacy from the outside world.
  • Truma Combi heater and hot water: Stay warm and enjoy hot water for showering and washing up, ensuring comfort during colder seasons.
  • Thetford T215n Fridge/Freezer: Keep your food and drinks fresh and chilled throughout your journey.
  • Belfast-style sink with a tap: Easily wash dishes or freshen up in the well-designed sink area.
  • Fiamma expansion tank: Store and access fresh water easily during your adventures.
  • Thetford C403 toilet: The campervan includes a convenient toilet facility for your comfort and convenience.
  • Shower and bathroom basin: Freshen up and maintain personal hygiene with the included shower and basin.
  • Ceiling with strip lights: Enjoy well-illuminated spaces and a pleasant atmosphere inside the campervan.
  • Maxxair fan: Enhance ventilation and airflow within the campervan for a comfortable interior climate.
  • Fire extinguisher, Carbon monoxide alarm, Fire Alarm: Safety is a priority, and the campervan is equipped with essential safety features.

Exterior Features

The Wildworx VW Crafter Motorhome boasts a sleek, stylish exterior that complements its rugged capabilities. Some notable exterior features include:

  • Enjoy outdoor cooking and dining with the convenient external BBQ point.
  • Underslung LPG system for cooking

Additional Swamper and Overland upgrades can be added to the build. 

VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Interior
VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Exterior Green
VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Exterior Swamper Alloys
VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Electrical System
VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Shower

What we offer - Our Campervan Conversion Services

We offer a range of different campervan conversion services. From small tweaks to the whole sha-bang! All our campervans are built in Warwickshire, but stringently tested in the Highlands.

We love camping, and have always spent loads of time exploring the world in lots of different vehicles. We know what people want from their vans.

CAD Design of VW Campervan Conversion Crafter Wildworx
Campervan Conversion Interior Wildworx workshop

Live + breathe Campervan Conversions

We’re fully National Caravan Council (NCC) compliant, making our campers some of the safest on the market. We only use the latest equipment, and are constantly innovating. Keeping up with the latest trends is hugely important.

We're Camper Specialists. Offering everything from full Campervan Conversions, small alterations or campervans we have already converted and are offering for sale. From Swampers, Crafters, Caddy's and Overlanders, we've got you covered.

VW Campervan Enthusiasts

Our small team has built 500+ campers over the last 15 years. Tried and tested, time after time. We only use parts & accessories that we know will stand the test of time. We only put things in your conversion that we would put in our own campervan. Our team lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. We’ve travelled all over the world in campers, both big and small. We love snowboarding, hiking and climbing. We’re constantly innovating, ensuring your Campervan Conversion is the best of the best.

Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Exterior Awning
VW Crafter Man TGE Campervan Conversion Interior Kitchen
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Kitchen
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Kitchen
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Bathroom
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Kitchen

20+ Years experience

Over 20+ years experience building Campervan Conversions.

Family run business

Our friendly team can help you every step of the way.

Excellent Service

We're proud of our customer service and every inch of our conversions.

Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Exterior Garage
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Garage Electrical
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Kitchen
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Electrical System
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Oven Grill
VW Crafter Camper Conversion from Wildworx Fridge
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Interior
VW Crafter Camper Conversion from Wildworx Lighting
VW Crafter Campervan Conversion from Wildworx
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Toilet Bathroom
Campervan Conversion Crafter Motorhome Kitchen Sink