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VW T5 Awning Rail

VW T5 Awning rail for campervan and van or kombi

T5 Awning Rail is a great addition to your Transporter van or campervan. Wildworx offers Vamoose awning rails. They're great products and we install both on our fleet vehicles and customer Campervan Conversions

VW T5 Awning Rail

What van does a VW T5 Awning Rail fit?

The VW T5 Awning Rail can fit either the short wheel base (SWB) or the long wheelbase (LWB) Volkswagen VW T5 or T6.

You're able to purchase awning rails for other types of vans, which you can select on our online store. Check out our guide on VW T6 Awning Rails

Can I Install the VW T5 Awning Rail myself?

A few of our customers have installed awnings on their vans by themselves and had no problems at all installing it and some have got in touch with us to help them out.

Some of our customers have said they wanted T5 Awning Rail, so they can use them as day vans or as a base for sport or a hobby and even use them when they go camping.

The VW T5 Awning Rail can be fit within 5 - 10 minutes with no drilling into your van. Which is great news, as this makes the process so much easier at home!

They give you a bit more privacy and block the sun out for a bit more shade too.

VW T5 Awning Rail

VW T5 Awning Rail and Pop Top Roof

The Vamoose Awning rail will work with a variety of different pop top campervan roofs. Including:

  • Austops Pop Tops
  • SCA Pop Tops
  • Skyline Pop Tops
  • WestDubs Pop Tops
  • Storm Pop Tops

The benefits of a VW T5 Awning Rail are endless to be honest. It all depends how you look at it. Once the canopy is wound out, you can create a great shade for yourself and family and friends when camping (can’t forget your furry friends too), so you don’t have to sit under the direct sun. On the other hand, we don’t recommend using the canopies when it’s raining and very windy, this is due to damp forming when it’s not dry properly when rolled back in.

This T5 Awning Rail will give you great privacy at a campsite too, you know when you just get a bit too nosey neighbours next to you, well with this they won’t be able to see much as it gives you more privacy compared to not having one.

T5 Awning Rail for camping with campervan

There are two types of T5 Awning Rail. They can come in short and long wheel bases. Of course, this would depend on what type of van you own. If you are not sure, we recommend checking your manual or asking our resourceful technicians at our Wildworx Alcester Workshop or even giving us a call or an email and we will be happy to help you out, after all that’s what we are here for. The Vamoose VW T5 Awning Rail comes in a powder coated textured finish complete with all fixings and general instructions in the box.

The Vamoose awning rails are designed specifically for T5’s and T6’s. The bar of the awning rail is made out of malleable aluminium, meaning it has greater flexibility when fixing it onto your van, campervan or kombi. The T5 Awning Rail that we stock specifically fits onto the left-hand side of your vehicle, so please don’t try and fit it onto the right-hand side as it won’t work. Please bare this in mind when purchasing.

How to Choose A Camper Awning

There are lots of different types of awning out there. Including:

We stock Fiamma VW T5 Wind Out Awning too, they are a great compact design. They have removable fixings. It has a good quality and price ratio. The awning rail is fixed to the upper part of the van instead of the left-hand side. It comes with a deep black case box and royal grey fabric and unrolls in an overhand motion to guarantee fabric tension at all times. Find out more about choosing a Camper Awning here. 

Wildworx VW T5 Awning Rail

If you need any help our team at Wildworx is based in Alcester, Warwickshire and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. You can get in touch with us via email info@wildworxcustoms.com

We can install your VW T5 Awning Rail at our HQ in Alcester, get in touch to book your fitting. 

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