VW Transporter Accessories

VW Transporter Accessories can take your van or campervan to the next level

There's a reason why the VW Transporter is such a popular vehicle - it's versatile and can be customised to fit any need. Whether you're looking for extra storage space or need to add some extra features for your business, there are plenty of VW Transporter accessories available to make it work for you. From tow bars to camping gear, we've got everything you need to get the most out of your transporter! 

Accessories range from alloys and splitters to side bars and roof bars. Whether you want to upgrade accessories for your VW Transporter for practical advantages or simply give it a cooler edge, here at Wildworx we have you covered for your Camper Van Accessories UK. 

VW Transporter Accessories VW T6.1

As more and more people are choosing to holiday closer to home rather than taking the expensive choice to visit abroad, having van styling accessories can be added to make your adventure easier!

So, if you want to explore breathtaking coastal areas or a more secluded and quiet place, Wildworx offers various different accessories and looks for your van no matter the occasion! Perfect for:

If you want to find out more view our campervan conversion accessories. Our most popular VW Transporter Accessories include: 

Van Styling for your VW Transporter

The top 4 VW Transporter Accessories

1. All Terrain Tyres

If you're the kind of person who likes to take their VW Transporter off the beaten path, then a set of all-terrain tyres is a must-have accessory. All-terrain tyres are designed to provide better traction and stability on rough roads and trails, so you can explore with confidence.

2. Roof Racks

A roof rack is a great way to increase the storage capacity of your VW Transporter. With a roof rack, you can easily transport large items like bikes, kayaks, and camping gear. Just make sure you check out the load limits of your pop-top roof if you have one. 

3. Rearview Camera

A rearview camera is a great safety feature that can help you avoid accidents when backing up. These can easily be retrofitted to your van. 

4. Campervan Solar Panel Kit

A Campervan Solar Panel kit is a great addition to your VW Transporter. Helping you stay connected wherever you are. 

VW Transporter Accessories - Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are wheels are a great VW Camper Accessory to totally change the look and fee of your VW T5 or VW T6. Having alloy wheels comes with many different benefits, such as being lighter.

This allows for quicker acceleration and the ability to stop faster.  Another added benefit that comes with alloy wheels is that they also improve the appearance of the vehicle.

For some of you, the cosmetic display of your van is hugely important and having alloy wheels will give you the ability to advance the appearance majorly.  Alloy wheels can come in many different impressive designs which add character to your T6 and make it more visually appealing. 

So whether you want better handling or a stunning finish to your VW transporter, alloy wheels are the ones for you! 

Van Styling for your VW Transporter

VW Transporter Accessories - Side Bars

Not only do side bars boost the appearance of your T6, they come with many constructive advantages. One of the main advantages of adding sidebars is that it allows easier access to your VW. 

This is extremely helpful when you are with people of different age groups who may struggle when trying to enter the van.  Sidebars can also have non-slip pads added to them to allow you to access your van safely and comfortably, which can be highly advantageous when weather conditions are not great!

VW Transporter Campervan Accessories

They also help preserve the exterior of the van when driving along as the side bars prevent road debris from hitting and scratching your van.  Appearance-wise, side bars can help give your van a more attractive and contemporary look making your T6 stand out from the crowd! As the attractiveness of your van is hugely important to some of you, adding side bars is highly recommended. 

It is highly recommended to add side bars onto your T6 not only for protection but also to enable easy and safe access into your van.

If you are travelling with small children or anyone who may struggle to get themselves into a T6, it would be ten times more convenient to have side bars added. This will quickly take away the hassle of struggling to climb into your van and make your journey run much more smoothly.

Van Styling for your VW Transporter

VW Transporter Accessories - Splitters

Splitters can be added to your T6 to push high-pressure air upwards rather than allowing it to pass underneath your van. This means that whilst driving your VW at high speeds, you will have better control over the van due to an increase in traction.

Splitters come in many different styles and colours allowing you to pick the one you think will be perfect for your VW! Here at Wildworx, we can help you enhance the performance and cosmetic display of your VW transporter so you can achieve the perfect look! 

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VW Transporter Accessories - Coilovers or Springs

To put it plainly, a coilover is a spring and damper together as a single component set. That means the spring and the damper have been developed to work together to function as a single unit, this setup was designed to operate as one as opposed to bringing separate parts together you will find you have fewer issues. There are a fair amount of companies that manufacture aftermarket coilovers for all different types of vans/cars.

A lot of these companies develop them to be able to adjust the ride height, and firmness of the ride and the chamber can also be changed on some types but only if they are supplied with adjustable top mounts.

VW T6 Van Accessories Two Tone Van

A lot more can be achieved when the suspension is being converted using coilovers. The obvious difference between springs and coilovers is how low you can drop your T6 Generally the lowest you can go is 45mm.

With coilovers on the other hand you are able to achieve a 65mm drop. This is pretty slammed, especially with your VW dropped onto 20 inch alloys.

You can get adjustable lowering springs and dampers but these are not as available as adjustable coilovers. You are certainly able to get impressive results with lowering springs or a combination of springs and dampers but they are limited.

New springs and dampers will be tested and designed as a pair. They will be firmer and more controlled. If you want that ‘slammed’ look then in our opinion coilovers are the way to go. Lowering your van will reduce body roll and enable your vehicle to stick around the corners.

  • Fitting upgraded coilover suspension will allow you to transform the look of your car completely and change it depending on where you are travelling or if you are attending a show
  • Some coilovers come with adjustable top-mounts which enable you to fine-tune the camber on the car/van either for improved handling or an impressive visual
  • Where adjustability is on offer, you have a lot of very exact control over how your car handles so either yourself or a professional can suit the vehicle to handle as you like.

Wildworx VW Transporter Accessories

Wildworx are here to help you choose the best VW Transporter Accessories for your van or Campervan. If you have any styling questions, just get in touch with our team who can go talk through your ideas.

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