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VW T6 Alloy Wheels

VW T6 Alloy Wheels are a great addition to your van or campervan.   

Whatever set of VW T6 Alloy Wheels you're looking for, we've got you covered. You can shop our specialist VW Transporter alloys herebut we will summarise it all for you, as it can get very confusing and hard to follow when you don’t know what you are looking for exactly.

We will talk about the important things that you need to consider, the type of alloy wheels that you can have for specific vans and the safety precautions that you need to follow to make sure your vehicle stays safe to drive. We will get the boring bits out of the way first so then we can focus on recommending you some awesome wheels for your van or campervan, whether you're building your dream Swamper or want something more sleek.

VW T6 Alloy Wheels


We like to keep things simple. We include everything you need in all of our Wildworx Alloy Wheel Packages: 

  • 4 x alloy wheels

  • Value Tyres (18” - 255/45/18 + 20” – 275/40/20)

  • Full fitting kit (nuts + locking wheel nuts)

  • FREE Delivery 

  • FREE fitting is also be offered if required (Alcester - B49 6HW)

The dull bit...understanding your alloy wheels

When it comes to the correct alloy choice for your VW T6 van or campervan there is quite an important thing to consider. It’s called the Centre Bore. Explained in Laymen’s terms it is the diameter of the centre hole in the back of the wheel  that fits over the wheel hub.

If the diameter of this hole is too small, then the wheel will not fit. All of the other bits can be spot on but if this isn’t right you’re not getting them on your van. A lot of alloy manufacturers choose to open bore them.

This will allow you to insert a ‘Spiggot Ring’ into the hole to make it smaller and create a nice tight fit for the wheel to sit on the hub. The alloys we sell come with these free of charge. 

VW T6 Alloy Wheels for your Transporter Campervan

Load Rating of your alloy wheels

One of the most important things you NEED to check when purchasing any wheels for your van is load rating. Vans are significantly heavier than cars and can carry a lot more. It doesn’t matter if the van is full, converted or a panel vehicle the wheels MUST be load rated.

This will vary depending on the vehicle you have, we can help with this. You should NEVER exceed the load rating of a wheel. Luckily the wheels we have are all up to scratch and suitable for a VW Transporters manufacturing guidelines. 

  • All alloy wheels come with a load rating. The load rating you need is the axle weight divided by 2
  • For example on a VW Kombi the axle is weighted for 1720kg. So you would need alloy wheels weighted for at least 860kg. All the alloy wheels we have selected for our website are load rated correctly for all VW Transporters (T4, T5, T6, T6.1, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle, California etc.)  

Choosing wheels without the correct load rating is seriously dangerous and can cause many issues. Buckled or bent wheels, faster tyre wear and an increase in your car maintenance costs. Too much of a load on your tyres can cause a tyre blowout, loss of control whilst driving, handling issues and reduced comfort. Most importantly loss of life.

If you’re on a Motorway and have any of these happen you could cause a serious accident. It’s just not worth the risk. As long as you have the following right, you’re on your way to fitting some more desirable wheels to your pride and joy.

  • Width
  • PCD
  • Centre Bore
  • Offset
VW T6 Alloy Wheels

Centre Bore of your alloy wheels

This is also very important to consider and make sure you get it right. The centre bore is the diameter of the centre hole in the back of the VW T6 Alloy Wheels that fits over the wheel hub. So if the diameter of this hole is too small, then the wheel will simply not fit. This is why it’s crucial to make sure you get the correct alloy wheels.

All the other parts can be spot on but if this isn't right you are basically not getting the VW T6 Alloy Wheels fitted on your van or campervan. A lot of alloy wheel manufacturers choose to open bore them, which is good because this will allow you to insert a ‘Spigot Ring’ into the hole to make it smaller and create a nice tight fit for the VW T6 Alloy Wheels to sit on the hub.

The alloy wheels we stock come with these free of charge as a standard package. We can also fit the alloy wheel here for you, if you are not wanting to do it yourself. 

  • The centre bore is the diameter of the centre hole in the back of the alloy
  • Spigot rings are sometimes an option but best to choose alloys without 
  • Try and find specialist VW Transporter alloys to ensure they will fit

VW Transporter Swamper Alloy Wheels

What size alloy wheels do I want?

What size VW T6 Alloy Wheels you need totally depends on the look you're trying to get with your van. We suggest going for 18” or 20” VW T6 Alloy Wheels. This is due to the fact that these sizes are most suitable for your VW T6 or T5 van or campervan. If you go smaller it may look a bit funny. Unless of course, you are choosing alloy wheels for your car or a caddy then you would be looking at other sizes. We recommend 

  • 18”
  • 19”
  • 20”
  • 21”

Remember that, if you are looking at over 20” VW T6 Alloy Wheels then this can have detrimental effects on the handling of the van because they start rubbing on the wheel arches when driving.

Anything smaller looks stupid, anything bigger will rub and impact on the drive. Obviously things change if you have modified the van with springs, coilovers or any other lowing kit. Don't forget much of this is personal preference. 

VW T6 Alloy Wheels do come with advantages to them too:

  • Quicker acceleration
  • Sometimes better fuel economy 
  • Upgraded tyres 
  • Better appearance 

What about Staggered Set ups for the alloys?

When buying alloys you will hear lots about Staggered and Square (not staggered) set ups. 

Staggered basically means that the rear alloys are wider than the front tyres. It all comes down to personal preference. However staggered wheel set ups are said to have better traction and speed. As well as giving a wider appearance at the rear, which can look pretty cool on a Transporter. What we offer: 

  • Standard Width (8.5 width all round)
  • Staggered Set: 8.5" Front Wheels / 10" Rear Wheels
VW T6 Alloy Wheels

Insurance and warranty issues when changing the alloys

Some insurance and warranty policies can be voided when you modify your vehicle. Particularly with VW T6 Alloy Wheels that the policy deems to be too big.

Make sure you check your own Volkswagen Warranty (if applicable) and your insurance. It might be better to go to an insurance company that specifically handles van and Campervan Conversions. Check out these Insure My Van for more information.  

Wildworx VW T6 Alloy Wheels

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