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The Modified VW Caddy from Wildworx. Wildworx is a VW Caddy Modification + VW Caddy conversion specialist. 

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Wildworx Modified - VW Caddy

We love the VW Caddy Modified. The Volkswagen VW Caddy is one of the most popular small panel vans on the market. Compact, adaptable, and reliable. Here at Wildworx, we love them.

Once they have the Wildworx Conversion + Modification treatment they're up there with the best looking vans on the market. Using the best craftsmen and parts available we bring some of the most exciting VW Caddy Conversions to the market.
Specialising in tuning and converting the VW Caddy to the highest standard.
VW Caddy Modified by Wildworx
The VW Caddy comes as standard with a really sporty exterior. It's somewhere between a van and a car which makes it a great size. In terms of the dash and drive, it is pretty similar to a VW Golf. Perfect for modifying into a unique personalised vehicle.
We take a standard VW Caddy and modify it to become something pretty special. One of the more popular VW Caddy models is the VW Caddy R Line. This is a great base vehicle to convert into something pretty awesome! 
Wildworx offers the following options for your VW Caddy Modifications: 

VW Caddy Conversion from Wildworx

VW Caddys In Stock

We often have a range of VW Caddy in stock at our HQ in Alcester, Warwickshire. They range in specification but can always be modified further to suite your needs. 

VW Caddy Campervan Conversion

Wildworx is a Campervan Conversion specialist. Over the years we have converted hundreds of Caddy's into fully off grid campervans. If you have a Caddy Campervan Conversion project in mind, get in touch to speak to our talented team.

The VW Caddy as a Camper, makes for a fantastic compact campervan. The VW Caddy Maxi is the perfect base vehicle for a Mini Campervan. The options Wildworx offers for your Caddy Camper include: 

Wildworx Caddy Campervan Conversion
VW Caddy Campervan Conversions

VW Caddy Suspension

One of the coolest things we do to the VW Caddy is the sports suspension. We like to lower the van by around 60mm.

This gives a really sporty look without compromising on ride quality. It can be one of the most important elements of the Van Conversion as it really adds to the look of the VW Caddy.

Alloy Wheels

There is no Caddy Conversion complete without a new set of alloy wheels. We exclusively use a range of high spec after market alloys. The alloy wheel size that we recommend for the VW Caddy are:

  • 16"
  • 17"
  • 18"

You will see Caddy's with larger wheels (19", 20") However we think these will compromise on ride quality and might cause rubbing. We also stock VW Caddy All Terrain Tyres, get in touch for more information. 

Exterior Styling

Each of our projects is one of a kind. We like to add side bars, wind deflectors, gloss black front bumpers grills + inserts. We love a gloss black front splitter. We add full colour coded bodykits to the VW Caddy, this makes for a totally unique vehicle. There are loads of options out there for VW Caddy aftermarket parts. 

If you're planning a camping trip in your VW Caddy, don't forget to check out our selection of VW Caddy camping accessories to make your trip more comfortable and convenient!

If you're using your VW Caddy as a campervan you might want to look at the different awning options available for your van. 

VW Caddy Modified

Internal Modifications for your VW Caddy

Internally we have some fairly cool extras so really take this VW Caddy conversion to the next level! We can add combo style seats in the rear which can be taken in and out of the vehicle.

These can include ISOFIX so you can take the kids away when you’re not using the rear of the van for storage. Heated seats can be added in the front of the van, perfect for those cold winter mornings!

We carpet line and insulate the rear of the vehicle, which adds to drive quality. Once this has been done we often remove the bulkhead. Obviously all this depends on what you're planning on using the vehicle for.

  • Seat install
  • Heated seats
  • Bulkhead removal
  • Carpet line
  • Insulate
  • LED lights 
  • Vinyl flooring 
  • Floor brackets (for bikes etc)
  • Audio upgrades

Carpet Line and Insulation

For those not using the Caddy for messy work we always recommend carpet lining and insulating the rear of the van. Not only does it insult for sound and warmth, making the drive more comfortable. It also takes the van to the next level!

LED lights also make the van look totally pimped! We can add a full electrical package if necessary, so you can charge your phones and divides in the vehicle. 

Wildworx Specialises in VW Caddy Custom Conversions. The VW Caddy is an awesome van to convert as we can make it look awesome and really stand out from the crowd! 

VW Caddy Modified

What VW Caddy is best for Conversion?

What VW Caddy is best for conversion is a very personal choice. The VW Caddy comes in a variety of different models. For example Caddy, Caddy Maxi, Caddy Maxi R sport.

Each of these vehicles have a different look and feel. From sporty to practical. Sporty would be great for a pimped out work van, and the more practical look would work really well for a campervan conversion. 

What’s Included in a Custom Caddy Conversion?

Anything you want! The options are pretty limitless. Creating a custom caddy conversion means you can create a vehicle with a really cool look. Most people favour the sporty look for this particular model. This look can be achieved by modifying and customising various elements of the van. 

VW Caddy Modified Wildworx

External Caddy Custom Options 

On the outside of the vehicle there are a few options to consider. One thing we always recommend is to colour code the bumpers, mirrors and side detail. This means paint these areas of the vehicle from black (the standard colour) to the colour of the vehicle.

Making the van look more streamline and sporty. This can turn a model from the lower end of the market into a higher end vehicle.

Looking for very cool modifications? Check out the Heko wind deflectors. These can be added to your VW Caddy and really take the van to the next level! At the same time we recommend adding side bars, splitters, and spoilers. Alongside this detailing, lighting modifications are a great way to stand out. 

The overall feel of the paintwork is important too. Here at Wildworx we have a very talented team of paint professionals who are able to complete bodywork and paint repairs on your Caddy.

They can also achieve custom paint jobs as per your specification, for example two tones or vehicles wraps. 

VW Caddy Modified at Wildworx | Black Edition VW Caddy Conversion

VW Caddy Engine Upgrades 

Vehicle remapping is an exciting customisation that we can complete on your VW Caddy. This will increase the break horse power (BHP) of the van. Usually to 180BHP. 

Internal VW Caddy Custom Options

Internal VW Caddy options are limitless! We have include some of our favourites here. Starting in the cab upgrading the Satnav and Bluetooth is essential. Multi functional steering wheels, and rear parking sensors are so important in a luxury van. 

In the rear of the van we can customise until the cows come home! Right from a new side step all the way to a custom campervan conversion for your VW Caddy, we can do it all!

We always recommend carpet lining the rear of the panel van. This is because it can block out noise and keep the warmth in. Not to mention it looks awesome. 

White Highline VW Caddy | VW Caddy Modified at Wildworx

Your VW Caddy Conversion

We genuinely love the VW Caddy, a total workhorse that's perfect for work and play. Get in touch for more information or to talk us through your ideas. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for daily updates. Get in touch.

VW Caddy Campervan Conversion from Wildworx