VW Caddy Modified at Wildworx Customs

The Volkswagen VW Caddy is one of the most popular small panel vans on the market. Here at Wildworx, we love them! Wildworx Van Sales and Conversions is a VW Caddy Specialist. We thought we would talk you through our favourite VW Caddy modifications on the market. 

The VW Caddy comes as standard with a very sporty exterior. Perfect for modifying into a unique personalised vehicle. We take a standard VW Caddy and modify it to become something awesome! One of the more popular VW Caddy models is the VW Caddy R Line. This is a great base vehicle to convert into something pretty awesome!

We professionally remap the vehicle to 200BHP. After that we add colour coded bumpers, handles and mirrors, as well as a colour coded side trim. We add custom 19” alloy wheels.

One of the coolest things we do to the VW Caddy is the Eibach sports suspension. This lowers the vehicle 60mm. In our opinion this is one of the most important elements of the van conversion as it really adds to the sporty look of the VW Caddy. Finally we add side bards, Heko wind deflectors, gloss black front bumpers grills and inserts. As well as a gloss black from splitter. 

Internally we have some fairly cool extras so really take this VW Caddy conversion to the next level! We can add combo style seats in the rear which can be taken in and out of the vehicle. These can include ISOFIX so you can take the kids away when you’re not using the rear of the van for storage. Heated seats can be added in the front of the van, perfect for those cold winter mornings! 

For those not using the Caddy for messy work we always recommend carpet lining and insulating the rear of the van. Not only does it insult for sound and warmth, making the drive more comfortable. It also takes the van to the next level! LED lights also make the van look totally pimped! We can add a full electrical package if necessary, so you can charge your phones and divides in the vehicle. 

We love the VW Caddy! Its size makes it perfect for work and play. Get in touch for more information on the VW Caddy modifications Wildworx Van Sales & Conversions can offer. 


VW Caddy Wildworx Customs

Volkswagen Caddy in White

VW Caddy in blue Wildworx Customs