VW Transporter Conversion Ideas

VW Transporter Conversion Ideas are perfect to read about when you are in between ideas and you are not quite sure which option you are going to choose. We will add some photos to this blog too so you can see how certain conversions look like. This way you can get a better feel for it for your van, campervan or kombi. Whether you are only wanting to change your alloys or convert the whole back of your van - here at Wildworx HQ we got you sorted! No job is too big or too small! We offer a huge selection of VW Transporter Conversion Ideas on our website. If you head to ‘Van Conversions’, we have broken down the standard conversion services we offer with prices too. We are definitely very transparent with our pricing, so there are no surprises. Well, carry on reading to hear some VW Transporter Conversion Ideas that we have put together for you. 

VW Transporter Conversion Ideas

If you are not wanting to spend a lot of money then why not just upgrade a few exterior and/or interior parts to give it that new feel? Change up your chrome VW badge to glossy VW badges. Doesn’t matter that it’s a small VW Transporter Conversion Ideas but it will completely change the look of your VW. Another favourite for our customers is the side bars that run along the side of your VW T6. You are able to purchase these in a variety of different colours, including chrome and matt black. Some are simply there for decorative purposes. Others have a flat ledge on the top which means you are able to stand on them when you get in and out of the vehicle.

Pretty much every VW Transporter Conversion Ideas that comes through the Wildworx workshop in Alcester have a window conversion completed. These can be in any of the panels that the conversion has from the sliding door right through to the tailgate of the barn door. You can choose to do one panel or you can do every panel all of the way around the vehicle, this is completely up to you what you would like to have at the end of the day. We are happy to help you out and give pros and cons against all if you wish! You have to choose whether you want clear standard glass or privacy glass. If you click on this link it will take you to our VW Transporter Conversion Ideas page where we list the different types of windows you can have fitted plus the pricing. Personally we like the look of the privacy glass. Plus the added security benefits are a plus for sure. On the sliding door panel and the panel directly opposite you are able to have either a fixed non opening window or what is known as a slider. A slider means that the window opens. This is useful if you are planning on having passengers in the back of the vehicle or if you are converting your van or kombi into a campervan which will mean you can open the window to let the cooking smells out!

VW Conversion Idea at the back of kombi

VW Transporter Conversion Ideas are a great investment, and are definitely worth considering. If you are someone who tends to go camping quite often, then we highly recommend looking at campervan conversions. You can convert a van or a kombi, it doesn’t matter which one you have. This is because you will be able to travel wherever you like in the UK, without having to pay an accommodation fee and you will be able to go off grid. Some of our customers have added solar panels to their campervan conversion so they can go and do that. You may potentially have to pay a small cost at some specific campsites, but this will not be much, don’t forget to book the campsite with a hook up point haha!

Snorkel on VW Transporter fitted by Wildworx

Another great benefit you will receive with a campervan, is that you won't have to worry about sleeping on the uncomfortable ground in a tent. You will also find that Transporters have a very van-like drive. This means that you will be able to use it for leisure, as well as everyday use. It’s a win win really, I mean it can’t go wrong can it! They are also perfect for those of you who are looking to get outdoors as much as possible, as well as meeting and socialising with new people. Especially now when COVID is still about and flying to another country is a bit long winded. Conversions are also great for those of you who are looking for a work van that will accommodate all of your needs perfectly. With the great amount of space that you will be provided with, you really cannot go wrong.

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