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Guide to your Campervan RIB Bed

Have you heard about the Campervan RIB bed and are wanting more info?

The bed / seat system is one of the most important (and expensive) parts of your Campervan Conversion. There are loads of options out there on the market, it can be hard to know what to choose. 

We’ve put together this guide on RIB beds, to help you make the right decision for your project. 

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What is a RIB Bed 

The RIB bed is considered to be a premium product in the world of campervan beds. Manufactured and engineered in France, they’re imported by lots of different converters. 

Designed so that it can be used as seats during the day and a bed during the night. In my experience they’re the easiest system out there to go from seat to bed mode. They come with proper 3 point seat belts, ensuring your passengers are safe. 

We’ve fitted hundreds of these beds over the years, and never had any issues with the mechanisms, even after 7+ years of use. This system should add significant value to your Campervan Conversion (compared with a rock and roll bed.) 

Generally the RIB is considered to be the safest seat on the market and warrants its hefty price tag. 

RIB Bed vs Rock and Roll Bed

We know there is a pretty huge price difference between the products. But what's the difference between a RIB bed and a rock and roll bed? 

Put simply, a rock and roll bed gets pulled forward and you sleep on the same side. A RIB bed flips over as you pull the levers, meaning you sleep on the other side of the seat. This makes a totally flat sleeping mattress. 

Rock and roll beds are generally products that have been manufactured by smaller campervan converters. They all vary slightly in cost, how they work and what they look like. Most are not crash tested and therefore offer no safety features. If you’re only planning on using it as a bed, this might not be a problem. 

If you’re planning on using the seatbelts for passengers, you really need to know the bed/seat is safe. 

Benefits of the RIB Bed

  • A RIB bed has a totally flat sleeping side
  • The mechanisms are much easier to use 
  • Fully crash tested
  • TUV approved
  • Much safer than most rock and roll beds
  • Used by professional converters 
  • Bolted down through the chassis of the van
  • Add value to your van compared with a rock and roll 
  • ISOFIX as an optional upgrade

Campervan Conversion from Wildworx with a RIB bed

What are the different types of RIB Beds available?

There are 3 different models of RIB bed available: 

  • RIB Altair  (mainly used in campervan conversions)
  • RIB Neptune
  • RIB Uranus 

The RIB Altair then comes in different sizes. Which you choose based around your conversion layout. Obviously the wider the bed, the more you eat into your storage and kitchen layout. We use the 3 seater 120 cm or 129 cm for our conversions. 

  • 1 seater - 60 cm
  • 2 seater - 86 cm 
  • 2 seater - 94 cm 
  • 2 seater - 104 cm 
  • 2 seater - 112 cm 
  • 2 seater - 120 cm 
  • 3 seater - 120 cm 
  • 3 seater - 129 cm 
  • 3 seater - 140 cm
  • 3 seater - 150 cm

You then need to choose whether you want the “slider option. The slider will bring your passengers closer to the cab. The non slider doesn’t move and remains in a fixed position. 

  • Slider 
  • Non Slider

Next you need add any additional options you’d like: 

  • Headrests
  • Armrests 
  • Back support
  • Integrated 3D sleeping support mattress

Finally you need to choose your fabric options. You can choose between the standard VW Fabrics or buy an un-upholstered seat, which you would then get an upholsterer to cover in fabric of your choice (eg leather)

  • VW Fabric - Brick
  • VW Fabric - Simora 
  • Un-upholstered

Campervan Conversion with RIB bed from Wildworx

How to choose between the RIB bed options?

You need to think about what you're prioritising. You can go for a wider bed, but that will eat into your cupboard width in the camper kitchen. The two seater RIB means you get more depth (and therefore more storage) however you then end up with a smaller bed. 

Can you live with less storage to increase your sleeping room? Or do you want to go for the smaller bed and gain more storage?

Campervan Conversion from Wildworx with RIB bed

How are RIB Beds installed in your campervan?

This is where the increased safety comes in. A rock and roll bed is often just screwed into the floor of your campervan. In any high-speed collision this is not going to be safe. A RIB bed is bolted to the actual chassis of the vehicle.

You need to make sure that you take into account leaving enough space for the rear “cushion” of the RIB to fold flat. This means the bed will be further forward in comparison to a rock and roll. 

VW Campervan Conversion from Wildworx RIB Camper Bed

How to look after your RIB bed so that it lasts as long as possible

Taking care of your RIB bed in your campervan conversion is essential if you want it to last as long as possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the camper bed is key - vacuum it on a regular basis with an upholstery attachment, and be sure to regularly brush off any dust or debris that may have settled in the folds. 

Additionally, using mattress protectors will ensure that dirt and oils build-up don't stick to the fabric - something that can reduce its life expectancy. Pay attention to which cleaning products you're using, too: some may prematurely degrade the fabric over time or strip away protective coatings, so read labels carefully before use!

Wildworx RIB Bed Campervans

Wildworx has been fitting RIB beds in campervans for years. We exclusively use them as our seat / bed supplier for our conversions. We offer RIB bed fitting as part of a full campervan conversion or on its own. 

Get in touch with our team who would be happy to answer any questions you might have about RIB bed / seats or any of our Campervan Accessories