VW T6 Alloy Wheels for your van or campervan

VW T6 Alloy Wheels are a great addition to your van or campervan. Whether you are looking to get smaller or larger alloys we got you covered. There is a lot of information out there about VW T6 Alloy Wheels but we will summarise it all for you, as it can get very confusing and hard to follow when you don’t know what you are looking for exactly. We will talk about the important things that you need to consider, the type of alloy wheels that you can have for specific vans and the safety precautions that you need to follow to make sure your vehicle stays safe to drive. We will get the boring bits out of the way first so then we can focus on recommending you some fire wheels for your van or campervan.

VW T6 Alloy Wheels for your van or campervan

Load rating

Load rating on any vans is very important. You need to 100% consider the load rating before buying VW T6 Alloy Wheels. This is because vans are so much heavier than cars, especially when loading the back of the van, for example if you are a labourer with heavy tools or if your van or kombi has been converted into a campervan. Please don’t think that you can get away with not having the correct load rating on VW T6 Alloy Wheels because it will be dangerous. The load rating is actually dependent on the type of vehicle you have. If you are not sure, we would recommend having a look into your manual/paperwork or pop in to see us at our Wildworx HQ in Alcester and we will be more than happy to help you with anything. If you are struggling to find the correct type of load rate for VW T6 Alloy Wheels we can help sourcing the wheels for you too, just let us know. All the alloy wheels that we stock are suitable for your vehicle and meet the manufacturing guidelines.  

The Centre Bore

Now this is also very important to consider and make sure you get it right. The centre bore is the diameter of the centre hole in the back of the VW T6 Alloy Wheels that fits over the wheel hub. So if the diameter of this hole is too small, then the wheel will simply not fit. This is why it’s crucial to make sure you get the correct alloy wheels. All the other bots can be spot on but if this isn't right you are basically not getting the VW T6 Alloy Wheels fitted on your van or campervan. A lot of alloy wheel manufacturers choose to open bore them, which is good because this will allow you to insert a ‘Spiggot Ring’ into the hole to make it smaller and create a nice tight fit for the VW T6 Alloy Wheels to sit on the hub. The alloy wheels we stock come with these free of charge as a standard package. We can also fit the alloy wheel here for you, if you are not wanting to do it yourself. 

Centre bore of the VW T6 Alloy Wheels for your van or campervan

Size recommendation

VW T6 Alloy Wheels differ from the standard set that you get when you buy your van. The different types of alloy wheels are actually endless and the appropriate ones for your van or campervan will be depending on the design you are going for and the style. Many of our customers choose to go all black on the allowed wheels - to be honest they do look the best don’t they?! We suggest going for 18” or 20” VW T6 Alloy Wheels. This is due to the fact that these sizes are most suitable for your VW T6 or T5 van or campervan. If you go smaller it may look a bit funny. Unless of course, you are choosing alloy wheels for your car or a caddy then you would be looking at other sizes. Please do remember that, if you are looking at over 20” VW T6 Alloy Wheels then this can have detrimental effects on the handling of the van because they start rubbing on the wheel arches when driving. 

We do think that VW T6 Alloy Wheels are a complete must, as it gives your overall van or campervan a whole new look. You can even change them as many times as you wish. Some of our customers use their van for shows so they drive there in one set of wheels and stay at the show with a different set. Not a bad idea ayeee?! VW T6 Alloy Wheels do come with advantages to them too, not just the fancy look of them. Such as quicker acceleration, or the ability to stop your van faster. 

Supply and fit of VW T6 Alloy Wheels for at Wildworx workshop in Alcester

We hope to see you soon! 

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