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Van Conversion - What to include?

  Not sure what to add to your van conversion? Well, you will be happy to hear that you have come to the right place! We know it can be quite difficult to think of things for your van conversion, and because of this we have created a list of things in order to help you along the way.  

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What is a van conversion?

You are definitely going to need to be aware of what a van conversion is before you make the decision to convert. A van conversion is where a van of your choice is equipped with equipment to allow you to take it on adventures such as camping trips or a day out hiking. There are various different types of van conversions available, such as a campervan or a day van. So whether it is a week away by the coast or simply to have a fully functioning work van, you should definitely consider investing in a van conversion.

Why should I convert a van?

There are loads of different reasons as to why you should convert a van. Not only do van conversions come with a lot of benefits, but they also offer a once in a lifetime experience.

Vans can be used for numerous different purposes. A very common and popular van conversion is a campervan one. Campervans are a perfect way of making the most amazing memories with your friends & family, whilst on holiday.  You can also add lots of different accessories to enhance your van to allow for an epic adventure!

Another popular conversion people like to have are day van ones. Day vans are great for things such as a day out hiking, or even a day out surfing. But it doesn’t stop there! Day vans can also be used as fully functional work vans. 

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Do I have to pick a specific van for my conversion?

The choice is yours! It is entirely up to you on what you want to have for your conversion. However, we do recommend that before you make the purchase you research as much as you can. This includes the space that the van has to offer, how reliable it is, any faults it may have (especially if it is second hand), and also what type of van conversion it is best for. There are multiple different websites that provide you with tonnes of information on the different vans that are available for conversions. 

What will be the overall cost?

There isn’t a specific overall cost for your van conversion, as it entirely depends on what you want. Things such as: the type of van, what accessories you will add, the company that will be completing the conversion for you, and any other items you wish to include, will heavily influence the overall cost. What you will find, is that people tend to create a budget for themselves to ensure that what they are purchasing will be worth it and also to save some money. 

What accessories are best to add to my van?

There are so many awesome things you can add to your van conversion! This includes things such as coilovers & side bars to pop top roofs & splitters. 

One of the most popular accessories that people like to add to their van are side bars. Not only do they provide great practical advantages, but they also offer an amazing cosmetic display. They allow easy & safe access into your van, and also help protect the exterior by blocking any debris from the road hitting and scratching the sides. They are definitely worth the investment if you are going to be travelling with young children, or even people of other age groups who may find it difficult to get into a van. 

Another popular accessory that people like to purchase for their van are roof bars. By adding roof bars, you will be able to easily remove all the unwanted stress of not being able to fit all your belongings inside the van. You can also use them to free up some space within the van to stop it from becoming too cramped and to also give you some extra leg room too! The same as side bars, roof bars also improve the appearance of your van majorly and are most certainly worth the purchase! 

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Safety First!

The safety of our customers is our number one priority here at Wildworx. We can assure you that everything we complete or sell, is completed to a high standard and meets all safety requirements.  It is ever so important to ensure that everything that is going to be included in your van conversion is safe and reliable. Even if it is just a simple accessory, it is always best to make sure it is of a high standard.  So if safety is something that constantly worries you, you can finally relax as you are in safe hands! 

What we offer here at Wildworx

Here at Wildworx, we offer a range of different things for your van conversion. We can also complete the conversion for you, if that is something you would like to have.  Our team of fully trained professionals are more than happy to complete whatever it is you want for your van! You can also take a look at our social media accounts on both Instagram & Facebook ( Facebook = wildworx / Instagram = wildworx_vans ) 

What mistakes should I look out for?

There are quite a few mistakes that people make when it comes to van conversions. As a result of this, we have decided to make a list of a few common ones that you will definitely want to avoid. 

The first mistake is one that a lot of people tend to do and that is making the wrong choice when it comes to picking the van conversion company. We understand that not everyone can afford luxury van conversions, however it may be worth going over your budget slightly just to ensure that everything that is going to be completed will be done to a very high standard. One thing you can do to avoid this, is to read things such as reviews and other aspects to make sure that it is 100% safe & efficient. You should also ask if you can actually visit the workshop to take a look at how they do things. 

Another mistake that people tend to make is when they spend money on things that they do not need to.  Adding accessories is definitely something that you are probably going to want to do, however not all of them are going to benefit you personally. Researching the things that you are considering to add to your van is probably the best way you can avoid this mistake. Things such as Youtube videos are definitely very useful. 

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Key things to keep in mind

It is always best to have some useful tips when it comes to looking at van conversions. The first thing that is strongly recommended when it comes to anything related to vans, is to research. This could be searching things such as advantages & disadvantages, safety, reliability, and any other things that you think would be important to know about. Having some form of basic knowledge beforehand will definitely put you in a position that will benefit you majorly. By knowing whether or not you want something, it can sometimes make the process go a lot more quicker and smoother. 

Another thing that is strongly recommended when it comes to vans, is to have a budget. Even if you are comfortable with spending a large amount of money, it is always best to set aside some sort of budget. People without a budget, tend to find themselves in a position where they have purchased items that benefit them in no way shape or form. 

The third thing that is strongly recommended to keep in mind, is to read as much as you can about the company that will be completing the van conversion for you.  We highly recommend you do this as things such as safety and getting your money’s worth is really important.  Reading reviews and taking a look at social media accounts is definitely something you will want to do. 

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Do It Yourself!

You can most certainly achieve a van conversion yourself. Of course it isn’t as easy & simple  as it may sound, but it is definitely achievable. However before you start, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

The first one is that you need to be aware that completing a van conversion yourself can be quite time consuming. You are definitely going to want to set aside some time to allow you to complete it. 

You will also find that quite a fair bit of people like to convert their own van in order to save some money. It is important to keep in mind that your budget will control most of the decisions you make.  But if you already have your own vehicle, converting your van will be a lot easier and cheaper. However if you do not have your own van, then there is no need to worry as there are many different places where you can purchase one brand new or second hand.

Just before you start to convert your van, it is very important to make sure you have everything you need. This includes things such as: tools, the things you wish to add to your van, and also measurements. You should also be in a position where you know exactly what it is you are doing to avoid any mistakes. With these key things, your van conversion will be a lot simpler and less stressful. We also suggest that you take a look at all the different videos that are available on Youtube to help you along the way.

Another thing people do when it comes to completing their van conversions, is to ask for help from people they know on certain parts. So if your friend is an electrician, it may be quite beneficial to ask him/her for some assistance on the electrical part. 

Obviously van conversion companies are a safer bet if you are 100% certain  that you will be able to complete it yourself safely & efficiently. However, it is always best to get quite a few quotes and take a look at a range of places to complete your conversion.

You are all set and ready to go!

We hope that the information we have provided you with has been extremely helpful on your quest of what to look for in your van conversion. If you do have any questions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members here at Wildworx on 01527 359 002 or email us at info@wwxvans.co.uk