How to choose your Alloy Wheels for a VW T6

They Look Nice…. I’ll have them.

It really isn’t just about the look of new wheels unfortunately. Of course it’s important but depending on what vehicle you have it pretty far down the list…. Whether it’s for Volkswagen T5 or T6 Transporter, Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro or a Renault Trafic. The first thing you need to be consider is whether they are right for your van. If not you may come unstuck by experiencing some common issues with the wrong commercial van alloy choice. You could end up paying out a load of money replacing these with another set. I don’t dispute that sticking some Bentley Continental wheels on your slammed VW T6 looks cool, it definitely does. But is it really worth the blood sweat and tears you’ll endure by replacing shocks,  springs and CV joints? It’ll cost a bomb to repair and those beloved wheels will be on the back of a scrap van in no time.

VW T6 Alloy Wheels


Here at Wildworx Customs we offer alloys in 18″ and 20″ diameter. This is the size of wheel & tyre together. All of the alloys we sell come in 18 or 20 inches so the choice is yours! If you’re after a comfortable ride then 18 inches will be the one for you, the tyres will be larger and will offer a more ‘factory’ ride. You’re going to want comfort on all those long trips in your campervan right? Maybe you want the larger of the two options?  Standard alloys in the Transit, Transporter, Vivaro etc all generally come in 16 inches. Most commercial van owners choose to upgrade the alloys as it makes such a big difference to the overall look of the van. Choosing a wheel in this size range does sacrifice a small bit of comfort but doesn’t it bring you back to your teenage years, as long as it looks ‘the dogs’ right?  Here you can see our growing selection of Alloy Wheels.  

VW T6 Alloy Wheels from Wildworx Customs Van Parts and Accessories

Here’s the BOREing part…..

When it comes to the correct alloy choice for your vehicle there is quite an important thing to consider. It’s called the Centre Bore. Explained in Laymen’s terms it is the diameter of the centre hole in the back of the wheel  that fits over the wheel hub. If the diameter of this hole is too small, then the wheel will not fit. All of the other bits can be spot on but if this isn’t right you’re not getting them on your van. A lot of alloy manufacturers choose to open bore them., This will allow you to insert a ‘Spiggot Ring’ into the hole to make it smaller and create a nice tight fit for the wheel to sit on the hub. The alloys we sell come with these free of charge. 



One of the most important things you NEED to check when purchasing any wheels for your van is load rating. Vans are significantly heavier than cars and can carry a lot more. It doesn’t matter if the van is full, converted or a panel vehicle the wheels MUST be load rated., This will vary depending on the vehicle you have, we can help with this. You should NEVER exceed the load rating of a wheel. Luckily the wheels we have are all up to scratch and suitable for a VW Transporters manufacturing guidelines (we’re working on more stock.) Here’s a link you may find useful- Choosing wheels without the correct load rating is seriously dangerous and can cause many issues. Buckled or bent wheels, faster tyre wear and an increase in your car maintenance costs. Too much of a load on your tyres can cause a tyre blowout, loss of control whilst driving, handling issues and reduced comfort. Most importantly loss of life. If you’re on a Motorway and have any of these happen you could cause a serious accident. It’s just not worth the risk. As long as you have your Width, PCD, Centre Bore and Offset right, you’re on your way to fitting some more desirable wheels to your pride and joy.

Now To Choose Some New Shoes!

If you have ticked all of the above off your list then you’re all set to purchase some new alloy wheels. We are expanding our range shortly and can follow the link above to see our range. You’ll want to talk your 18 year old self into modifying your van the ‘responsible way’.  I know we didn’t care about this much back in the day but we absolutely should now! Most companies are broadening their ranges to offer safe AND stylish options so you don’t need to sacrifice the look you want to achieve by having safe wheels for your vehicle. 

Get in touch with the awesome team at Wildworx Customs and we can help you choose your new VW T6 Alloy Wheels.