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VW Transporter Interior

It’s important to understand what you’re looking for with your VW Transporter Interior. 

Before you commission your build, it’s really important to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a Campervan Conversion, a Kombi Conversion or somewhere in between with a Day Van Conversion. There are loads of different base van models available from Volkswagen. It's best to understand the difference before you start. 

  • Campervan Conversion - Full conversion with pop-top roof, kitchen, bed and leisure system 
  • Kombi Conversion - Just seats in the rear, with windows, some LED lights, carpet lined 
  • Day Van - Somewhere between the two. Sometimes has a bed but is used as a car/van most of the time
VW Transporter Interior

The best way to understand what you’re looking for is to decide what you want out of your VW T6 or VW T5 interior conversion. Are you looking for big trips abroad? Or are you wanting it for short overnight stays at festivals but need to use the back of the vehicle for work the majority of the time? 

VW produce a range of different van interiors which all stem from the Transporter. They are all similar but are designed with different purposes in mind. These include:

  • VW Transporter Panel Van 
  • VW Kombi 
  • VW California
  • VW Shuttle 
  • VW Caravelle / VW Multivan

Generally, the best vehicle to use for your campervan conversion is the VW Transporter Panel Van (T6.1) This is because it is the most affordable of the vans and is a blank canvas to start your campervan conversion. Check out our guide on choosing your base vehicle. 

VW Transporter Interior Options Infographic from Wildworx


How big is the VW Transporter Interior?

  • VW Transporter Interior dimensions are W: 1700mm H: 1410mm L: 2575mm. 

This should give you plenty of space to work with for your conversion. You want to keep in mind that the front seats of your van will usually need to swivel to enable you to convert the rear of the vehicle. This means you need the space for the seats to turn around. Take this into account when designing where your fridge and furniture goes.  

VW Transporter Interior

What accessories can I buy for my VW Transporter Interior 

There are some great accessories out there for your VW Transporter Interiors. Some great ideas to pimp your ride include: 

Don't forget the exterior accessories. Things like awnings and bike racks can make a real difference to your campervan.

VW Transporter Camper Interior

While this is an exciting time, designing your VW Transporter Interior when converting a campervan can be fairly overwhelming. There are lots of decisions to make and manufacturers to choose from. The key things to choose from boil down to: 

  • Layout 
  • Bed 
  • Seats 
  • Pop top options
  • Toilet options 

There are ways of including both a toilet and shower inside the VW Camper. The toilet usually gets placed in a purpose-built cupboard underneath the bed. You would then pull it out to use the facilities. While not glamorous, it’s good to have an option when it’s pouring rain and the campsite toilets are miles away! 

The campervan showers usually get fitted into the rear of the van. We use the tailgate to hang the shower head. This creates a really cool alfresco shower. Perfect for washing sand off after trips to the beach or cleaning muddy paws. 

A VW Transporter Camper can seat up to 6 people. This is done by having a bench seat in the front of the van and a 3-seater RIB bed in the rear of the conversion. In our standard conversion, we fit.

VW Transporter Interior in Shuttle VW T6.1

VW Kombi Interior

Fitting a VW Kombi Interior can make a huge difference to your panel van. When you fit a Kombi Interior to an existing panel van you add sound-deadening and insulation. Which can make a big difference to the road noise and comfort of the van.

Check out our full write up on the VW Kombi Conversion here. This talks you through the different type of Kombi conversions on offer. 

Wildworx VW Transporter Interior

Wildworx offers a full range of VW Transporter Interior options. Including full campervan conversions, Day Vans and Kombi Conversions. Get in touch with our team to discuss your project in more detail.