Pop top mattress for your camper

Pop top camper mattress is a very comfy premium thick mattress to add extra comfort to your campervan pop top roof bed.

You don’t want to be sleeping on a very thin layered Pop top camper mattress because your back may be hurting or you’ll just have a bad sleep and this could affect your campervan trip! It simply slides onto your bed platform on your pop-top roof on the base.

It really is as simple as that! It has a removable cover which can be washed, this makes it super easy to clean - especially, if you have kids and they may spill something, so the stains are easily removed.


What Pop Top Roof will this Mattress fit?

This mattress fits perfectly in all pop-top roofs meaning you can still close the roof properly and securely. Perfect for improving the comfort on all the popular pop top roof beds. Including Austops, SC and VW California. As standard it arrives in black colour and the approx dimensions are 1080 x 1770 x 25 mm. 

Of course, you don’t have to have a Pop top camper mattress, some people do choose to have inflatable beds but we definitely have seen some customers walking through our doors and saying that they can’t believe they haven’t had a pop top mattress as it would have made all the difference to their comfortable sleep.

Pop top camper mattress is easily stored away without having to sacrifice the space in the campervan. I mean this is great news isn’t it? Do be careful or try it out beforehand, if the mattress can stay inside the pop top roof while it is closed! 

About the pop top roof mattress

Definitely don’t compromise on your sleep! We have done it and it does make a huge difference to the rest of your holiday. This is why you require internal thermal campervan blinds!

These and the Pop top camper mattress are a perfect combination for your night's sleep. To keep the inside of the campervan cosy and dark at night, so you have a good night's sleep and you don’t wake up early in the morning when the sun shines.

They do give you great privacy too and keep your campervan cooler during the summer weather and warmer during the winter weather. We do offer 3 different variations of the campervan blinds, so we do have them available for a VW T5, T6 and a Caddy. With the Pop top camper mattress we do only offer the choice of black colour and the size comes as standard so it can fit multiple brands of pop top roofs.  

Pop top roof and mattress fitted at Wildworx in Alcester

Other Accessories to add to your Campervan Conversion

Pop top camper mattress is not the only thing you need to be considering while going away on a trip whether for the first time with your campervan or even if you've been multiple times.

Loc8 table for your campervan is a must have! It is a table that you can store in your sliding door, so you don’t have to hear the annoying rattling in the back when driving.

You simply slide it into your door and then when you are wanting to use it at a campsite simply slide it out of the trim panel! We absolutely love it over here and many of our customers do too - it literally does get rid of your issues of everything flying about when driving and taking corners. 

Awning rail is a great choice for a first timer or even if you have been camping out multiple times now. Trust us, it makes a big difference! The awning rails we supply are suitable for short and long wheelbase vans or kombis. The awning rails are basically a canopy rolled inside a cassette. It is permanently mounted on the side or roof of your campervan, van or kombi.

They can either be wind down manually or by a 12v motor. Depends if you have chosen to go for a Vamoose awning rail

Awning rail for T6 and T5 with pop top roof mattress

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