How to choose a VW T5 Pop Top Roof

Not entirely sure what to do when it comes to choosing a pop top roof for your VW T5? Well, you have come to the right place. We have all of the information that you will need regarding VW T5 pop top roofs, so that you can easily find the perfect pop top roof for you and your van! 

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What is a pop top roof?

A pop top roof is one of the main van accessories that you can invest in for your VW T5 campervan. It is simply just an adaptable roof, in which you can pop up or down whenever you would like. If you are someone who has seen a few van shows or gone camping, it is insanely likely that you would have seen a pop top roof on a campervan. If you haven’t, then it may be a good idea that you have a look on google or a social media platform. 

Why should I invest in a pop top roof?

If you are someone who has previously owned a campervan without a pop top roof, then you will be aware of how difficult it can be at times when you are inside trying to cook or do other simple tasks. For those of you who haven’t owned a campervan before, you are probably still going to realise that there is going to be a lack of space inside the campervan. By having a pop top roof installed into your VW T5 Campervan, you will be able to instantly create both more living and sleeping space! Things such as getting dressed or cooking will be so much easier. Meaning that you will be able to get the absolute best use out of the space in your campervan. What we mean by this extra sleeping space, is that as the roof will be raised, the beds can also be moved up meaning that you will be able to fit in loads of your travelling luggage, and have an extra person sleeping at the top! This is definitely a perfect option to go for if you are going to be travelling with quite a few people. 

However, it does not stop there. You will always be able to view all of the breathtaking views through the mesh windows, from literally inside your very own VW T5 campervan. This is most certainly something that you would want if you are staying in a location that has amazing views, such as the coast or in the woods somewhere. Campervans are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and this is due to a lot of different reasons. Not only are they perfect for getting both you and the family outdoors, they are also a great way to explore new places and meet new people. So, by installing a pop top roof to your VW T5, you will be able to get the best experience possible! 


Flexibility. For those of you who do not know, pop top roofs are actually very flexible. What this means is that you will have the ability to either pop the roof up or down at any time you would like. If it isn’t popped up, the pop top roof will act as a normal roof and will only add a few centimetres to the overall height. But, when it is popped up, it will quickly provide your VW T5 with the desired extra space inside your van. 


Another reason why we love pop top roofs is because it allows for even more conversions. In other words, by having a pop top roof installed into your VW T5 campervan, you will be able to go a further mile. The extra space that is provided to you, could allow you to convert your van from a 2 berth campervan to a 4 berth campervan. This is definitely an investment which is worth the money, and you should 100% consider. 

A fourth  reason as to why you should invest in a pop top roof, is all to do with ventilation reasons. Now, for those of you who have or haven’t owned a campervan before, it is obvious that the space is going to be very tight and cramped. Due to this, you van won’t actually get enough air inside in order to keep it ventilated properly. For many people, this doesn’t seem like a huge problem at first. But in reality, it can actually cause quite a lot of problems such as mould and dampness. You really do not want to have to pay even more money to get this problem sorted. So in order to avoid this in the best way possible, we strongly suggest that you invest in a pop top roof. 

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The cost

Unfortunately, nothing is free. Here at Wildworx, we know that the cost of something is actually a very important factor to many of you. However, just like most van accessories, the actual cost of pop top roofs isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. The overall price of the pop top roof for your VW T5 campervan actually depends on a lot of different factors. For example, it could be the place where you purchase the pop top roof from. Another factor which could have an impact on the price could be what type of pop top roof you purchase. As a result of this, we highly recommend that you broaden your options when it comes to shopping for the pop top roof, as you may be lucky and find the exact pop top roof elsewhere for cheaper. Most pop top roofs normally cost between £1500 - £2000. So if you have found a pop top roof which is either cheaper or more expensive, it is probably best that you take a deeper look into it to ensure that it is appropriate for your campervan. 

Installing the pop top roof yourself

Interested in installing the pop top roof to your VW T5 yourself? Well, there are a few things that you will want to know about first. For starters, there are a few requirements that you will need to meet. This includes the skills that will be needed when it comes to the actual installation process itself. If you know that you do not have these required skills, then please do not attempt to install the pop top roof to your VW T5. Even if it is cheaper than getting a professional, your safety is always the most important aspect, and it is not something that can be guaranteed if you install the pop top roof yourself. Before you actually begin installing the pop top roof, we highly recommend that you plan beforehand. This includes many different things such as taking measurements. When this is done, you will be able to see if you have all of the tools that will be needed for the process. If you do not, then it is best that you get started on buying them straight away. After you have got absolutely everything that you will need for the installation, you can now begin it. It may require more than one person to install the pop top roof, and if this is the case, then we suggest that you do not try to complete it alone. However, the best option will always be to go and get a professional company to install the pop top roof for you. Even if you can install the pop top roof yourself, you may not have the time to do so. Here at Wildworx, we would be more than happy to help. 


When it comes to van accessories, safety is always the most important factor. To ensure this, it is always best to only ever purchase pop top roofs that have gone through and passed very detailed and reliable safety testing. You never want to be in a position where high quality safety is not guaranteed, especially if you are travelling with small children. So in order to ensure that you safety is never compromised, we suggest that you stick to purchasing pop top roofs which have been through very serious safety tests, even if that means you have to go slightly over your budget.


Two of the most common types of pop top roofs that are purchased are SCA and Austops. Both of these pop top roofs can be colour coordinate so that they match your van, and don’t make them look strange. SCA is one of the most popular pop top roofs on the market, and this is down to many good reasons. For starters, their pop top roofs are manufactured to a very high standard and are of an amazing quality. You can install them to many different types of van, and many VW T5 owners are very interested in them. SCA pop top roofs can be quite costly, but they do come with many different benefits. An example of this, is that SCA pop top roofs are flat. What this means, is that they can be lifted up at a certain angle from either the rear or front. Another great benefit that they come with is that when they are closed, they only add a few centimetres to the height of your VW T5 campervan. This can be very advantageous when you are driving in things with height restrictions such as a multi level car park. You can also unzip the mesh windows, if you purchase the panoramic canvas. The other popular option you can go for when it comes to pop top roofs is Austops. Austops is a roof company that is well known for their affordable and great quality products. Just like SCA pop top roofs, Austops only had a small amount of overall height, meaning that it is very practical when driving.  One of the main advantages of an Austops pop top roof is that the roof closes very neatly. They are also the best value for money on the market, and are definitely worth checking out. If you are someone who is on a tight budget, then we do recommend the Austops pop top roofs. However, if you are not, then we do suggest you go for the SCA pop top roofs. 

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You now have all of the advice you will need when it comes to choosing a pop top roof for your VW T5. This will be a great time for you to now begin shopping for the perfect pop top roof for you and your campervan. However, if you do have any more questions that you would like to discuss with us, you are more than welcome to do so. All you have to do is either phone us on 01527 359 002 or email us at