Campervan Conversions Warwickshire - Why Pick Wildworx?

Looking for the best campervan conversions Warwickshire has to offer? There’s no better place to start than Wildworx!

Look at that, you’ve got the ball rolling already. OK, yes we are of course somewhat biased, but there are plenty of reasons to choose Wildworx.

Campervan Conversions Warwickshire


We offer everything that you need to convert your vehicle into the perfect campervan, and our wide selection means that you can truly personalise your vehicle. Plus, if there’s anything you want that we cannot sort out for you, we are sure that we will be able to put you in touch with someone who can. Rest assured, we only recommend those who meet our high standards.


Safety is paramount when working with any vehicle, and the additions that come with live-in vehicles make this all the more important. Everyone here at Wildworx is fully trained and certified by the NCC (National Caravan Council) in gas and electrics. Although not a requirement, we also take advantage of the fitting courses that a number of our suppliers provide, just to make sure that we remain at the top of our game.

Campervan Conversions Warwickshire


100% of our reviews on Trustpilot and Google rate our Campervan Conversions as ‘excellent’! This is due to our exceptional customer service combined with the sheer quality of the work that we do:

  • ‘The standard of the workmanship is amazing. Everything was done exactly as we wanted.’
  • ‘I highly recommend them to anyone considering additions/altering/converting their pride and joy!’
  • ‘Great advice and communication from the start.’
  • ‘I will return to WildWorx every time, why go anywhere else?!’
  • ‘These guys are amazing, so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble, their attention to detail is amazing.’

What’s more, our vast knowledge and experience means that we can advise you on exactly what will work for you, without just trying to push you to spend more cash:

  • ‘They gave me pros and cons, which could have lost them a sale but they wanted the best for me.’

So, with all of these positives in addition to ‘fair and reasonable’ prices, what’s not to love? The only issue is that you may end up coming back again and again for further upgrades!

If you would like to read all of our fantastic reviews in full, you can do so here.

Campervan Conversions Warwickshire

Van Conversions Warwickshire in Alcester by Wildworx, can help you in your desired dreams of completing the ultimate van conversion that you wanted to complete for a while but you weren't sure or simply this is the right time to start it and let our team of professionals do it for you! If you would prefer to complete your van conversion as a DIY project but use Wildworx for the more technical bits, such as electrics and gas systems, then that’s no problem and we can step in when you need us.

We have completed Van Conversions, Warwickshire for a decade now and we absolutely love it! We get to see your van go through a thorough conversion from the start to finish. We love seeing all the different ideas that our customers have had or have right now. The colour combinations that everyone chooses are perfect in their own way. We get asked a lot for recommendations on what type of items you should include in my van conversion, so we have decided to talk about some very popular conversions that people choose. Some are more popular than others, but this happens with anything. 

Van Conversions Warwickshire

You can choose any type of van you really want. As long as it does the job for you for what you require it too then you are ready to go. Think about the budget that you have to play with when buying a van. If you are buying a second hand van, make sure you have bought it from a good reputable garage. We would recommend getting any dents or scratches fixed on a second hand van before you start converting it as you will feel much better about the van if you don’t see the exterior imperfections. Think about the size of the Van Conversions Warwickshire that you are going for because this will tell you more about what size of a van you will require. There is no point buying a small van and then realising half way through the conversion that actually you need to change your plans because you won’t be able to fit in the type of bed or shelves that you wanted.

Carpet lining package with insulation and sound deadening 

A lot of our customers get their van carpet lined before they start fitting anything else inside their van. We offer an extensive range of colours of the carpet available, such as black, smoke and anthracite. The 4 way stretch carpet is used for Van Conversions Warwickshire.

A four way stretch carpet is the most pliable and stretchiest with a soft feel and reasonably thick thickness. Because of this it’s really easy to use compared to other lining carpets on the market. As it’s a four way stretch product, this makes it super stretchy, flexible and very mouldable to use for van conversions. What makes it even better is that even in the most difficult areas such as around the windows and wheel arches it becomes super easy to line and saves you a lot of time trying to get cut edges to match perfectly! 

Pop top roof Warwickshire

Pop top roofs are the most popular Campervan Modification at Wildworx HQ in Alcester. Pop top roofs are popular because it gives more space on your van. This is due to the pop top roof opening and closing.

We have a lot of pop top roof camper conversion photos on our Instagram @wildworx_customs. They also provide a ‘platform bed’ where when you open the pop top roof it has a platform, which you can also move up to give you extra headspace. On top of the platform you can fit a pop top roof mattress and bedding.

If 4 of you are travelling, two of you could sleep on the platform and 2 of you in the main bit of the van where the back seats at the back fold into a bed. We fit a lot of makes of pop top roofs, such as West Dubs, Austops and Skyline. West Dubs have been the most popular recently because of their quick turnaround from the manufacturer. 

Pop top roof Van Conversions Warwickshire

Campervan Window Installation

When you are converting your Van Conversions Warwickshire, it’s good to think about the different types of windows available for you to choose from to fit the van. It’s good to have an opening window in the van, if you are converting your van into a camper. This is so that you have a good airflow in the camper van while cooking. If you are converting your van as a work van, how about having fake rear windows? 

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We hope that after reading this you agree that Wildworx provides the best campervan conversions Warwickshire has to offer, but if you need any more info about us, check out our website

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