VW Transporter Alloy Wheels

Choosing the best alloys for your VW Transporter can totally change the look and feel of your van or Campervan.

There are a lot of different numbers to take into account when choosing your VW Transporter Alloy Wheels. We’ve tried to boil it down to the basics here. But keep in mind we offer a fully bespoke alloy service. Just send us your reg plate and we will do the rest.   

VW Transporter alloy wheels

However, for those that want  to understand in a bit more detail, let’s crack on! When choosing the best alloys for the VW Transporter it is important to keep in mind the following things: 

  • Alloy Size
  • Tyre Size 
  • Fuel Economy 
  • Load Rating 
  • Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) 
  • Styling 
  • Staggered set or normal set 
Wildworx VW Transporter Alloy Wheels


Aftermarket alloys are a tricky thing to get right but can totally change the look and feel of your van or Campervan. There’s loads of technical things to take into account, however it boils down to not wanting to affect your ride quality.

The new Volkswagen Transporters are so great to drive, I always say they’re like driving a luxury SUV. Gone are the days when driving a van is more like driving a tractor. Ultimately we don’t want to take away from that ride quality.

The basic technical specification of a VW Transporter alloy is below:




Centre Bore


Mounting bolt


Bolt torque


Wheel Offset


VW Transporter alloy wheels


Generally for VW Transporter alloys including the VW T5, T6, T6.1 alloys up to 18” will fit onto any VW Transporter with no concern for clearance. Going for anything bigger can sometimes affect handling, acceleration, gearing and in some minor cases strain on the engine.

We've heard of some cases of alloys bigger than 18” voiding your VW Warranty. That said, the new T6.1 can come with factory 20” alloys, so it’s not a simple answer (You’d be right in thinking nothing is simple with alloys!)

We suggest the following sizes: 

  • 16” alloy 
  • 18” alloy 
  • 19” alloy 
  • 20” alloy 
  • 22” alloy (sometimes but not always) 

It can get a little more technical when you start to take into account your suspension. If you have the standard VW suspension on your transporter you can take your pick.

Another thing to take into account is 4Motion and T32’s. If you have any aftermarket suspension, 4motion or you’re driving a T32, we suggest you get in touch. 

Check out our guides on the different VW Transporters Alloy Wheels here:

VW Transporter Alloy Wheels


Choosing the right tyre size to go with your new alloys is very important. Our standard alloy package comes with the tyre that we recommend for a Transporter that doesn’t drive in special conditions: 

  • 18” - 255/45/18 
  • 20” - 275/40/20

For special conditions we recommend looking at an All Season Tyre. If you're planning on driving in the mountains of Scotland in winter or doing lots of long distance drives you might need something more than our economy tyre. We can offer upgraded All Season tyres. We recommend the Goodyear Four Seasons.

People are sometimes looking for that “Swamper” look. For Swamper I don’t think you need to look much further than the BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyres. This will give you both style and substance. But mainly the look absolutely awesome. 

VW Transporter Alloy Wheels from Wildworx


Looking for a way to take your alloy wheels to the next level? Your tyres are a great way of doing this. Here at Wildworx, we offer tyre upgrades for your Transporter alloy wheels that will help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Whether you're looking for more grip, better handling, or just a smoother ride, we've got you covered. With our wide selection of tyres to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your driving style and needs.

Once you've placed your order for both the alloy wheels and added your tyre upgrade, a member of our team will be in touch. We'll take some details and get to work creating a bespoke set up. Made for your van. The tyre upgrade options we offer are: 


Included as standard on all alloy wheel packages - no need to add the tyre upgrade to your order. These are great tyres for driving in normal UK conditions. Great for most circumstances.  


The RainSport 5 are made for fantastic rain performance, enhanced mileage and better steering control – it’s a more sporty solution for the Transporter. These tyres will provide noticeably better handling. They're safe for driving even in the wettest conditions and will prevent aqua-planning. 


Perfect for all year-round adventures. If you're planning on heading to Europe to camp on mountains or drive through snow or icy conditions. Four-season tyres will perform better and save you from having to purchase winter tyres.  


All-terrain and all season, perfect for the Swamper look. Includes side wall reinforcement. This will enable you to confidently take your Transporter off-road. There is sometimes a longer lead time on these tyres. Please get in touch as stock levels are updated all the time.

Check out the Wildworx Tyre Upgrades here

Swamper Alloy Wheels from Wildworx


What is Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) 

Every vehicle type has its own PCD. Basically the PCD is the distance between every bolt hole which are spaced evenly on the center of the wheel. The PCD is measured in mm and is given along with the number of bolts and bolt holes. All VW Transporters have the same PCD of 5x120. This means there are 5 bolt holes spaced 120mm apart from one another. 

Obviously all the alloys stocked on the Wildworx site have a PCD of 5x120. 


You’ll need to make sure that any wheel you purchase is load rated correctly for your VW Transporter. This is a hugely important safety issue and can have devastating consequences if it’s not right.

You first need to find the payload of the vehicle. To do this you check the plaque that is in the bonnet of your van on the left hand side of the engine.

Volkswagen Transporter How to choose the best alloy wheels

This will give you 4 numbers. 

  1. The plate identifies the total payload for the vehicle 
  2. Second line is your max train weight, total weight including trailer/caravan.
  3. Third weight is front axle weight rating
  4. Fourth is rear axle weight rating

To work out tyre load rating take the biggest of the bottom 2 numbers and divided by two. You can then use a load index chart to work out what your minimum load rating should be. 

Load Index Chart for VW Transporter Alloy Wheels

You need a little bit of common sense here too. Although your minimum might be 101 you need to take into account you have full campervan conversion, a family of 4 and the dog. There is no problem going for a higher load rating. However it can be really dangerous to be driving on tyres that do not have sufficient load rating for your van. 

The load capacity of a tyre determines what weight each tyre is able to carry. For most Transporters you'll need 1550kg total tyre rating per axle i.e. 750kg per tyre which is about 101 load rating. 

All the alloys we stock come with load rated alloys and tyres. If you ‘re looking for a more bespoke set up, we will take your registration plate to ensure it is legal and safe. 

VW Transporter Off Road Wheels and Tyres

VW Transporter off road wheels and tyres are becoming a popular choice for people looking to head off the beaten track. We offer Swamper wheels and BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyres for this. 


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “will bigger alloys affect fuel economy.” Although this might seem like a fairly straight forward question, the answer is pretty complex. However we have carefully selected the tyres that go with our alloys.

We only use a 275/40/20 tyre. Because of this the rolling radius of the tyre doesn’t really change. You might see a slight drop in MPG but it would only be fractional. 

VW Transporter with Riviera Alloy Wheels from Wildworx


4motion is just VW’s way of saying four wheel drive. 4Motion can throw up a few extra challenges when choosing your alloy wheels. We find it’s best to get in touch if you have a 4Motion Transporter so we can make sure we get the right set of alloys for your vehicle. 


If you’ve had any bespoke conversions completed on your van, for example suspension, springs or body kits, it would probably be best if you got in touch. If you have Lowered your VW Transporter, also get in touch. This way we can chat about what you need so we know it’s all going to work on your VW Transporter. 

Alloys for your VW Campervan


When you order a set of alloys anywhere we suggest including fitting. Unless of course you are fairly confident that you understand your van and have met the legal and safety requirements.

When you order alloys from Wildworx fitting is included for free. This includes any tweaks and corrections we need to make to alloys or the vehicle's computer system. We offer some fantastic sets of alloys, including: 

LMR Toria

LMR Venus

Riviera Blade


Riviera RF106

Riviera RF108

Riviera RF2 Hubolt

Riviera RV120

Riviera RV130

Riviera RV177



Riviera RV197

Riviera RXS1

Riviera RXS2

Riviera RXS3

Stuttgart SF10

Stuttgart SF13

Stuttgart ST8

Stuttgart SVT


Step 1: Select your Alloy Wheels
Step 2: Select staggered or non staggered set up
Step 3: Add your optional tyre upgrade
Step 4: Check out and add your preferred method of contact
Step 5: We will be in touch to create your bespoke set-up & arrange delivery  


Wildworx offers a fully bespoke alloy and tyre selection service. Get in touch and we can help you choose an alloy set-up that suits your needs. Whether you need style, substance or both. We even offer free fitting! 

Take a look at our VW Transporter Alloy Wheels and other Campervan Accessories here, including bike racks and awnings

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VW Transporter Alloy Wheels from Wildworx