Guide to Buying Alloy Wheels for your VW Transporter

Buying Alloy Wheels for your VW Transporter can be pretty overwhelming. Between the tyre choices, the staggered set ups and the sizes...there’s a lot to think about. We’ve written this guide with FAQs specifically for Transporter owners, to help you choose the right set of alloys for your vehicle. 

Load Rating

All alloy wheels come with a load rating. The load rating you need is the axle weight divided by 2. 

For example on a VW Kombi the axle is weighted for 1720kg. So you would need alloy wheels weighted for at least 860kg. All the alloy wheels we have selected for our website are load rated correctly for all VW Transporters (T4, T5, T6, T6.1, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle, California etc.) 

If you’re not sure, or just want some reassurance you’re buying the right thing…get in touch. 

Alloy Wheel Size

Alloys come in a range of different sizes. However for VW Transporters, in our opinion you’re only interested in:

  • 18”
  • 19”
  • 20”
  • 21”

Anything smaller looks stupid, anything bigger will rub and impact on the drive. Obviously things change if you have modified the van with springs, coilovers or any other lowing kit. Don't forget much of this is personal preference. 

Wildworx Recommends: for a standard height Transporter a set of 20" alloys. 


Staggered Set Ups

When buying alloys you will hear lots about Staggered and Square (not staggered) set ups. 

Staggered basically means that the rear alloys are wider than the front tyres. It all comes down to personal preference. However staggered wheel set ups are said to have better traction and speed. As well as giving a wider appearance at the rear, which can look pretty cool on a Transporter. What we offer: 

  • Standard Width (8.5 width all round)
  • Staggered Set: 8.5" Front Wheels / 10" Rear Wheels
Wildworx Recommends: A Staggered Set Up 

Wildworx Alloy Wheels

We’ve tried to keep our selection of alloys nice and simple. You only need to choose: 

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Staggered or not staggered

They all include the following as standard: 

  • 4 x alloy wheels
  • Value Tyres (18” - 255/45/18 + 20” – 275/40/20)
  • Full fitting kit (nuts + locking wheel nuts)
  • FREE Delivery 
  • FREE fitting is also be offered if required (Alcester - B49 6HW)

Check out our range of VW Transporter Alloys here.

This is the basics of what you need to know when buying Transporter alloys, however it can get even more complicated. If you have any questions or would like a more bespoke alloy set up, please get in touch with our team. If we don’t know the answer, we can usually find someone that does.