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Campervan/Van Conversion Or Motorhome?

Here at Wildworx, we are incredibly proud of being one of the most highly regarded businesses in Warwickshire if you’re looking to buy a campervan or convert your existing vehicle (as evidenced by our multitude of five-star reviews).

However, we do frequently find that our clients are also considering purchasing a motorhome. Of course we are somewhat biased, but we feel that a camper is always the way to go. Let’s have a look at why we feel that way…

Driving Experience 

With either of these choices, you get the freedom and ability to be spontaneous that so many of us are looking for, but, naturally, alongside this comes the driving. We reckon it’s here that we have motorhomes beat.

Handling - Whichever direction you are leaning in, it’s so important to consider the handling of the vehicle. With both options being considerably heavier than what most of us typically drive, you have to think about how this affects steering, accelerating and braking. In short, a camper is going to be easier, and more similar to what you are used to.

Visibility - Either option is probably going to offer less visibility than you’d have in a car. However, again, the camper is going to be more similar. It’s also not too uncommon for the cab of a motorhome to be more narrow than the body, further limiting how much you can see.

Licence - If you’re after a motorhome, you need to make sure that your licence covers it. You will need to pass a category C1 theory and practical to drive heavier models. The standard driving licence, for those who passed their test after 1997, is category B.


Away - When you’re away in a motorhome, it’s most likely that you’ll be at a campsite - this is no problem! Campsites are made to fit these vehicles. Unfortunately, not too many other places are. Heading to the shops or going out for dinner can become an arduous task. This is going to be much easier in one of our campers.

Home - So you’ve parked at your campsite, walked to the pub for dinner and had no parking issues in your motorhome, fantastic! However, now you’re getting back home, where are you going to park it? Even if you’re lucky enough to have your own drive, it may not be big enough, particularly if you’ve got your everyday car parked there as well. A camper, on the other hand, is much easier to fit in, and can even be used as your standard vehicle (especially a converted one).

Height - The last parking issue can be height - you don’t want to end up missing out on anything because your motorhome is too tall!


Cost - A motorhome is likely to cost you more. There are of course cheaper models, but generally speaking, a campervan or van conversion will be less expensive. At Wild Worx, our van conversion service puts you in complete control, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you want, from a few small tweaks to full live-in vehicle modifications. This means you can tailor your camper to fit your budget. Check out our services and prices here.

Fuel - The great thing about owning a campervan, van conversion or motorhome is the freedom to get out on the road exploring. Unfortunately, that means you’ve got to keep your vehicle fuelled up. It’s probably not surprising that a motorhome is likely to be more expensive to run due to its size and weight.

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