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Focus On VW T6 - Our Van Conversions Ready To Go Today!

We love working with our customers to convert their vehicles into their dream campervans. However, we may just slightly prefer it when we get to design and build our own… just so that we can pick all of our favourite bits!

The only downside is that then we have to let them go.

Right now, we have got a pair of Volkswagen T6 campervans ready and waiting to go*. Let’s take you through what we’ve done with these…

*Available to good homes only.

Comfort And Sleeping

If you’re interested in one of these converted VW campervans, then you’re looking to make a proper investment. Most of the people who come in for something like this are well used to camper/tent life, and in need of a decent upgrade. Sound like you? Then you know the importance of a good night's sleep!

Did you start on a blow up mattress, reduced to £15 in Argos? Yeah, same.

We’ve kitted out the T6 to allow you a proper sleep, as well as space to chill when you’re parked up.

This can seat 5 and sleep 4. A decent kip is easy, with the pop top roof, roof bed, extra wide RIB bed ISOFIX (safest on the market) and thermal blinds. So you’re going to be safe, comfortable and the blinds will stop the sun waking you too early, whilst also helping to keep the heat in. You’re right - we do really know what we’re doing!


Right, you’ve had a cracking night's sleep, you’ve got a big day ahead, so you need to set yourself up with a decent breakfast.

Both models come with a 2 burner gas hob and sink (underslung gas and water tank), 50l fridge with a small freezer, gloss cabinets and light blue quartz worktop.

So, bacon and sausages in the fridge - eggs, bread and brown sauce in the cabinets (eggs should be kept at room temperature, we’ll argue this point forever!). Fry them up into a huge breakfast sandwich, add a dollop of brown sauce - you’re ready for the day. But wait! You need a good breakfast drink, a glass of orange juice, nicely chilled, perhaps with a couple of ice cubes from your freezer.

You head out, well-rested, well-fed and enjoy a great day.

Getting back to camp, it’s time for dinner. You didn’t have to stop for lunch as you were so full already, but now you are more than ready for a BBQ. No stress - the converted VW van has a BBQ point.

Easy, no stress, no fuss. 

Summing Up

This was all just based on the last time we went away. Obviously, everyone does things differently (some people opt for ketchup, for example), but we just wanted to take you through a day with the T6, showing you all that it has to offer.

We have a range of other converted vehicles for sale. We also do bespoke custom vans, so bring yours in and we can add any of the fittings and fixtures that we’ve mentioned here.

We love what we do because we’re campervan people ourselves. That also means we know what is most important when you’re on the road for a long time.

Pay Us A Visit

Have a look at the models we have for sale on our website. You can also give us a call on 01789 700 029 or email us at info@wildworxcustoms.com if you’ve got any questions about anything.

Otherwise, come and check out our models in person. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, or you can call to make an appointment if you’d like to visit at the weekend.

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