Van Conversion Common Questions

We know that sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the answers to some specific questions you may have about Van Conversion. So because of this, we have decided to create a list of some questions that are commonly asked by a lot of our customers. 


How to clean your van before painting?


If you are looking to paint your Van Conversion, it is always best to know exactly how to clean it properly beforehand. So to help you with this, we have created a list of things that you will need to do during the process. 


Firstly, it is always best to start with a true blank slate. In order to do this, you will need to strip the van of all it’s fixtures. You should start by removing any shelving that may be in your van. After that, you should then remove your front seats, runners, and floor mats. Your van most likely has a layer of dirt and grime buildup on the floor. You are definitely going to want to remove this. 


Before you come to paint, you need to ensure that every single surface is spotless.  You should most definitely sweep or vacuum any dust there may be, and then take some soap & water to scrub absolutely everything clean. 


When you have completed this, you should tape anything that you do not want painted such as latches or door panels. When it comes to buying the paint, you need to be sure that it is made to paint metal. 


Can you paint over existing auto paint?

If the existing auto paint is still relatively new & in great shape, and you all you want to do is just change the color, then sanding down the existing auto paint and recovering it should be completely fine. If the original paint is just slightly faded, you can again sand it down and then simply repaint it the same colour. However, some painters do suggest that you do not strip the van to bare metal to make sure  that you do not remove the tough factory undercoats. 


How much to respray my current van?

On average, van resprays usually cost from £2000 - £4000. Obviously, the actual price you will eventually pay will depend on many different factors such as who will be completing the job for you or what it is you want done exactly. Some places even lower the price if you help alongside them during the process. 


How much will it cost me to convert a van?

One of the most important aspects of your van conversion will be the cost. However, there is no specific cost when it comes to van conversions as it entirely depends on what it is you wish to add. This includes things such as accessories or bodywork. So unless you have endless cash, you will find that a lot of your decisions for your van conversion will be controlled by the budget.


Some people prefer to complete the conversion themselves to save a bit of money. However, this does require some sort of decent knowledge in that area which is not something that everyone has. You can also buy a second hand vehicle if that is something you are comfortable doing. 

Before you start the conversion, you will obviously need a base vehicle. If you already have one then get started on that conversion. But if you do not, set a budget and find the perfect base van for you.  You will find that the more you spend, the better the van, meaning you will most likely spend less on maintenance.  But keep in mind that expensive vans will depreciate quite quickly. The next thing you are going to want to know is what you will be adding to your van. Obviously the luxuries are going to cost more than the basics, so if you are on a tight budget then it may be best sticking to the standard items. If you are considering doing the conversion yourself then don’t forget the tools! As they are becoming cheaper, it is the perfect time to buy some. Just make sure you have the correct ones for the job. When it comes to changing your vehicle, it might cost you some money to re-categorise it. You will also need to insure the van too.

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How to choose a pop top roof?
Pop top roofs are the perfect accessory to add to your campervan. One of the most important things you want when travelling is to be comfortable. And with a pop-top comfort and practicality is exactly what you will get.

Here at Wildworx we offer Austops, Skyline, and SCA pop-top roof fitting near Birmingham. 

Your pop-top roof is such a key element of your camper van conversion. To ensure that everything is safe, the roof must be made to an exceptionally high quality in order to withstand any sort of harsh weather that you may encounter on your adventure.  

You will be happy to know that our team has all attended courses on roof fitting with each of the suppliers to ensure that your conversion is completed to the highest standard and safety requirements. When it comes to actually selecting the roof for your campervan, there are many options available for you to choose from. Multiple different companies provide a variety of different styles and designs in order to create different benefits and ways of making your campervan 10 times better!  

There are obviously some things to take into account when purchasing your new pop-top roof. The first one is how much it protrudes from the top of the van. While some people don’t actually mind this, others may see a slimline roof as more of an important factor. However, this element does usually come with greater cost. 

Quite recently there have been a lot more canvas roof products coming to the market. These include things such as the panoramic canvas’ which open all the way. What this means, is that you can open the canvas giving you a totally open roof for some awesome views! The roof canvas also comes in a wide range of colours meaning you can make your campervan conversion totally unique and personal to you. 

Most pop-top roof kits will come with a platform bed. However, the quality of these can vary widely. Some can come with a foam mattress, while others come with a memory foam mattress. You may also find that some even come with high quality sprung mattresses. 

By adding a pop-top roof to your campervan, means your van can be used for either commercial or personal use. If you would like to find out more, you are more than welcome to get in contact with one of us here at Wildworx using the information that has been provided below.

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Top Tips

It is always useful to have some top tips at the ready when it comes to looking at things to have installed in your campervan. So because of this, we have created a list of some that we think will be extremely helpful.

The first one is to always research beforehand. This can put you in a great position, as it allows you to know exactly what it is you are going to be getting and why it will benefit you personally. However, it does not stop there! By researching, you can also avoid a common mistake that quite a few people tend to make which is not spending money on things that you do not need. It may seem quite cheap in the beginning. However, when you eventually add it all up in the end, it can be very costly. This can actually be really annoying for most people, especially those who prefer to stick to a very tight budget.

Another top tip that we suggest you do, is to have a budget. Obviously the amount of it is entirely up to you. Even if you are more than happy to ‘splash the cash’, it is always best to set aside some sort of budget just to make sure that you are not purchasing things for the sake of it. 

Our third top tip that we like is to do with the company that will be completing the job for you. What we mean by this, is that it is always best to really research the company in a great depth to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. A lot of people tend to not do this, and can sometimes be left quite disappointed with the result that they get. So in order to avoid this, we strongly suggest that you read things such as reviews, check out any social media accounts they have, or any other material that you can easily access that will give you the information that you need. 

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What about safety?
Safety is always the most important aspect when it comes to anything to do with vans. Here at Wildworx we can assure you that everything that is completed by our team of fully qualified professionals, is tested and meets all standard safety requirements. If you do have any queries regarding the safety or standard of anything we sell or complete, you are more than welcome to get into contact with one of our team members here at Wildworx.

What we offer here at Wildworx
Here at our workshop in redditch, we have been completing van work for quite some time now. We have a team of fully qualified professionals who are more than happy to convert your van into whatever it is you want, and add any accessories that you may desire. We are located just outside of Redditch on Dagnell End Road, B98 9BA. So if you live in the Midlands, or even just outside, then our 10,000 square foot workshop is located in the absolute perfect place for you! 

If you do worry that the trip may be too long, we can assure you that every single mile will be worth it! You can also take a look at our social media accounts that are on both Instagram and Facebook ( Instagram - wildworx_vans / Facebook - wildworx) 

Your journey awaits…
We hope that all the information we have provided you with has been extremely helpful and assisted you in some sort of way. However, if you do have any further questions you would like to discuss with us you are more than welcome to call us on 01527 359 002 or email us at