Land Rover Defender 90 Restoration Project

Wildworx recently undertook a full restoration of this Land Rover Defender 90. This involved a full strip back to chassis, it then underwent a full cleaning process. And trust us when we say...on a Defender, this is a big deal! 
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Original Land Rover Defender 90 from Wildworx
The vehicle then had a full respray, turning it into a really exciting Nardo Grey Defender. There aren't many of those out there! We added panoramic windows around the full rear of the vehicle. A snorkel was fitted for those off road adventures. Brand new gloss black alloys and a flash of red at the front. Making this a very eye catching vehicle on or off the road! 
Defender 90 full restoration from Wildworx
A great purchase for our very excited customer. Not only a fantastic and versatile vehicle but a great heritage investment that will no doubt appreciate in value over the coming years. 
Grey Defender 90 from Wildworx
Land Rover Defender retro Window fitting