Land Rover Commercial with a Rear Seat Conversion

Land Rover Discovery Commercial Rear Seat Conversion

Land Rover Discovery Commercial or the Land Rover Defender Commercial can be great additions to your work fleet.

Find out more about our Land Rover Defender 110 Rear Seat Conversions here. 

Land Rover Commercial Seat Upgrade

These work horses are fantastic for loads of different trades. From moving furniture or hauling landscaping supplies, having that extra cargo space in the bed of your vehicle can come in handy. 

Discovery 4 and 5, Defender 90 and Defender 110 rear seat conversions

Our conversion service includes options for Discovery 4 and 5 commercial vehicles, rear and 3rd row seats, and for the all-new 2021 Defender 90 and 110. We will always match your existing seats where possible. 

Defender 110 Commercial Seat Upgrade

Collection and delivery service

You’re able to drop off your own vehicle. Alternatively, we offer a collection and delivery service to our unit in Warwickshire (B49 6HT). 

Defender 110 Commercial Seat Upgrade Rear Window


The conversion takes approximately 1 week to complete. We are currently operating on a 4 week lead time. Get in touch for more accurate start dates. 

Defender 110 Commercial Seat Upgrade Rear seats

What seats do we use?

We have two options available. Genuine, second hand, Land Rover seats. Or brand new OEM Land Rover seats. Please give us a call to discuss the benefits of each option.

Defender 110 Commercial Seat Upgrade

Genuine Land Rover Discovery and Defender seating

The prices below are for our genuine Land Rover seat upgrades. We can supply rear seats for the following vehicles: 

  • Land Rover Discovery 4
  • Land Rover Discovery 5 
  • Defender 90
  • Defender 110

    Rear Commercial Seat Upgrade Discovery 5

    Does the Land Rover Discovery Commercial have rear seats?

    Land Rover Discovery Commercials come with two-seat configuration as standard. Leaving the rear of the vehicle for goods and tools. It is possible to add rear seats through aftermarket modifications.

    Land Rover Discovery Commercial Rear Seats Conversion

    Can you fit rear seats to a Discovery commercial or Defender Commercial?

    Discovery commercials come with two-seats as standard, but it's possible to add rear seats. The process involves removing the floor panel and seat base from the Discovery, then installing the new seat base and floor panel. 

    The installation takes about 4 hours, and the seats can be used immediately afterwards. Our recommendation is that Discovery owners who want to add rear seats to their vehicle should consult with a Land Rover dealer or certified mechanic to ensure that the installation is performed correctly. 

    Defender 110 Commercial Seat Upgrade Black Leather Upholstery

    How to Install Discovery Commercial Rear Seats

    Very few SUVs on the market today can match the Discovery when it comes to versatility and off-road capability. Thanks to its design and construction, the Discovery is able to tackle just about anything you throw at it. 

    If you're looking to install commercial rear seats in your Discovery, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. We know it’s tempting to try a DIY job on this. Just keep in mind you’re dealing with seatbelts and crash protection for whoever is in the vehicle. You need to know it’s been done correctly. 

    Commercial Land Rover Discovery folding rear seat conversion

    The Discovery rear seat conversion is a commercial-grade installation that will give your Discovery the extra seating flexibility it needs to accommodate larger groups. You need to ensure they can be folded down when not in use, so you never have to worry about it taking up valuable space. 

    Most aftermarket seats for the Discovery do fold down. Enabling you to continue to use the rear boot space. 

    Discovery Commercial Rear Seat Conversion

    Land Rover Discovery 5, Land Rover Discovery 4 & Defender Commercial Seat Conversion

    Both the Land Rover Discovery 4 and Land Rover Discovery 5 are suitable for the rear seat conversion. We’re also able to offer New Defender Commercial rear seat conversion.

    Window Install 

    We’re able to install the rear windows as part of the install process. Giving a little more extra comfort in the rear of the vehicle. Please get in touch for more information on the window upgrade. 

    Land Rover Defender Commercial Rear Seats Conversion

    Cost of Commercial Rear Seat Conversion

    Get in touch for a personalised quote.

    The seats can be removed and transferred to a new Defender or Discovery when you’re ready to upgrade.


    Make sure whatever seats you install are up to safety standards and have been M1 Crash Tested. ISOFIX is available on some seat upgrade options. 

    Discovery Commercial Rear Seat Upgrade

    Wildworx Discovery Commercial & Defender Rear Seats Install 

    Installing commercial rear seats in your Discovery or Defender is a great way to add extra seating and increase passenger comfort on long trips. Wildworx offers installation from our workshop in Alcester, B49 6HW.

    Get in touch with our team for more information or a quote. 

    Other upgrade options include carpeting, leather upholstery, audio upgrades, tow bars, roof racks and more.