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With the weather hotting up, we’re ready to take on the roads of Britain. With a range of purpose-built vehicles and campervans for sale, we’re delighted to be able to share with you our top picks of sun-baked destinations here in the UK to inspire you for that summer getaway in your Campervan Conversion. 

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Wonderful Woodland

With campervans such as the Volkswagen T6 Camper for sale, your five-seater vehicle is perfect for an escape to enchanting forests and green open space.

A particular preference of our customers is the stunning New Forest. Set across 140 acres of breathtaking Hampshire countryside, you can access a number of walking trails. While away the day along The Rockford Common, an alluring passage through heavenly heathland abundant with wildlife. Or you could track across the Beaulieu Food Trail, taking in the resplendent river, ending up at the pretty shipbuilding village of Bucklers Hard.

Since our Volkswagen T6 can sleep four, why not take the kids too? With Horse Racing, Water Sports and Peppa Pig World, they’ll be in their element here. There are also Donkey Walks tucked away in nearby Brokenhurst, where you can witness the rare beauty of these animals grazing in their natural habitat.  

Lovely Lakes

If you’d prefer to head up north on your adventures, then another firm favourite for road-trip lovers is the Lake District.

Set against over 2,300 kilometres of vast peaks, the UK’s most visited national park sees 16 million visitors each year for a reason.

Here, you can cruise on jetties in Lake Windermere, hire a mountain bike in Ambleside, or feast on the perfect picnic with the mountainous majesty of Scafell Pike as a backdrop in Latrigg. 

We have a range of campervans for sale which would be a fitting complement for a trip up to the lakes. Our Volkswagen Transporter V3RHN sleeps 4 and includes a pop-up roof bed. Never go hungry with a ring gas cooker and external BBQ hook-up point.

This camper van also contains an in-built sat-nav to guide you up to your chosen destination!


If you're on the look out for Campers for Sale, we're sure you're already thinking about your first trip. There is so much to explore in the UK but heading over to Europe is an amazing experience that we would highly recommend. We thought we'd put together a few tips and tricks to make sure your journey isn't a bumpy one. 

If you’re coming to visit Wildworx to check out the campers for sale here, they will already be built to the standard that is required to head overseas. If you’re looking to convert your van into a campervan that you already own, we’re sure we’ll be able to kit it out with everything that you’re looking for. In the unlikely event that there is something you want that we don’t offer, we’ll be able to find someone that can sort it.

Don't forget to source items like wind-out awnings, solar panels and bike racks before your adventure. They can really make a difference to your comfort when out on the road. 

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  • You can drive in the EU if you have a UK photocard driving license, although you might need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in some EU countries.
  • One of the many reasons that heading off on holiday in a camper is great, is getting to take your pet with you. But, pet passports aren’t valid in the EU anymore, so you need to get an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) from a vet. It’s basically just a check that they’re microchipped and their jabs are up to date.
  • Whatever your views are on Brexit, there’s one aspect that will be annoying to any camper drivers - you need to expect delays. Without open travel between countries, more paperwork and long queues are likely. Make sure you factor in some time for this!


Different countries have different rules on what you NEED to carry in your vehicle. To save you having to look these up, we’d advise having the following with you at all times. This list might just save you from an on-the-spot fine:

  • Passport
  • Original vehicle registration document V5c or VE103b (for lease vehicle) or Vehicle on Hire Certificate
  • Driving license and IDP
  • Vehicle insurance document and breakdown cover, if applicable
  • A Green card may be needed for certain countries
  • Travel documents and EHIC, GHIC, AHC
  • Environmental badges (if needed)
  • Two warning triangles
  • UK sticker on your vehicle and any trailer
  • First aid kit
  • Check the vehicle handbook for advice on the adjustment of headlights or the need for headlamp beam deflectors
  • Reflective jacket or waistcoat for every occupant to EU standard EN471 - these must be worn in Spain when exiting the car on public roads outside built-up areas
  • Affix blind spot stickers for vehicles over 3500kg 

Most of the items listed above can be purchased in an EU travel pack. You can find more about here

Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list! Be sure to research your first trip thoroughly and when looking for campers for sale, make sure you get all the necessary documents and have room for everything on the above list!

There are, however, some things you might want to avoid. Travelling with a fully stocked fridge? Be careful! Meat, milk, fruit, veg and products containing them may not be allowed through every border. Don’t waste money stocking up only for your dinner to be confiscated!

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