Planning Your First Trip - Sleeping And Eating Well

Buying your new campervan, or picking up your fresh van conversion, is incredibly exciting! 

You can’t just jump in and head straight out on the road though,* you need to do a bit of planning before you take off, to ensure you’re going to be sleeping and eating properly.

*Well you can, but we’ve done it - it’s fun at first but can go downhill, and get overly expensive, really quickly. We would advise against it.

Sleeping In A Campervan Or Van Conversion

You could go to the most wonderful and exciting place in the world, with the best food, drink, entertainment, everything. However, if you’re not sleeping well, you will not be able to fully enjoy anything.

The VW T6 van conversions that we have for sale are designed to offer a comfortable night's sleep for up to four people - and you can learn more about them in our previous blog

If you’re bringing your vehicle to us for conversion, then you can pick and choose whatever features you feel will ensure that you are well rested. 

Pop tops, beds, insulation, carpeting, heating, curtains/vanshades, we’ve got it all, and we have a number of options for you to choose from.

Have a look here.

Food And Drink

A good breakfast is the ideal way to start your day. A decent lunch will keep you going, a delicious dinner is… you get it, wherever you are, whatever the meal, eating well is important.

It’s also really easy to just end up at some fast food place when you’re on the road. This is great for a day or two, but any more than that and you’ll regret it.

We’ll sort you out with an ideal kitchen, whether that’s something high spec, or something more basic. We’d also describe our quick release BBQ connection point as a must-have. Maybe it’s just us, but we couldn’t imagine a holiday in the camper without at least one BBQ night… or two, three or four! 

The Propex Underslung 15l LPG Gas System with interior digital gage will keep your kitchen running perfectly. The experts here at Wildworx will install it, so you know it’ll be a quality fit. Regardless, you’ll still need the safety extras - they’re required with any gas-related fittings.

You can also ensure that the washing up is easy with our Underslung Fresh Water Tanks.

All these van conversion necessities, with the available options, are listed for you here.

Start The Process 

If you’re looking for campervan conversion in Warwickshire, there’s nowhere better to go. You can learn more about us on our website. If you have any specific questions, just give us a call on 01789 700 029 or email us at

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