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Once you enter the world of #vanlife, it can become pretty all consuming! We’ve put together our top recommendations for the best Campervan Conversion TV Shows, Films and Podcasts. 

There are so many content creators out there living the campervan lifestyle. Some are truly inspiring. The internet is full of everything from feature length documentaries, podcasts, video shorts and blogs. 

From converting your van to where to go once you’ve got it up and running. These shows and podcasts give you a taste of life on the road. As well as some amazing play by play videos of how to complete your own DIY Campervan Conversion. 

Step into the big wide world of #vanlife!

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Travel, Adventure & Road Trips | Jits into the Sunset

Follow Tania and Adam, travel filmmakers who are living in their campervan named Jits. They share insights into what it’s been like to quit their jobs and live on the road full-time. 

They host conversations with guests who have also chosen an alternative way of life. This couple have a really experienced view on van life, as they have been through the highs and lows of being on the road full time. 

Listen to Jits into the Sunset on any podcast app including Spotify. 

into the sunset campervan van life

Campervan Conversions | Paul Messner 

For a really in depth look at completing your own Campervan Conversion check out Paul Messner on Youtube. He is a full on outdoor expert, spending thousands of hours in the great outdoors. 

Paul Messner will talk you through everything from the best outdoor gear, to his great video on how to install campervan electric systems. Perfect for novice campervan converters. 

Watch Paul Messner on Youtube.

Campervan Conversions on Youtube

Extreme Van Conversions | Van Clan Seb Santabarbara

For the most extreme van conversions online, subscribe to the Van Clan channel on Youtube. They post regular videos including van comparisons, as well as some fantastic indepth van tours from other people living their best vanlife. 

Follow Van Clan to take a tour of a £500,000 global expedition truck, then explore the 10 best micro campers to live in. From one extreme to the next - which we love! 

Follow Van Clan on Youtube, and on their website

Van Conversions Van Clan

VANLIFERS: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle

This feature length documentary interviews people that are living in their campers full time. It gets their unique perspective on the van lifestyle. The creators, Armando and Mel have been living in their VW T4 Westfalia since 2012. Their Youtube channel Westfalia Digital Nomads lots of fantastic videos, long and short on the campervan lifestyle. But for a truly inspirational watch, check out the Vanlifers documentary. 

Watch the Vanlifers Documentary on Youtube.

Van Life Campervan Conversions


The Indie Projects | Theo and Bea

The Indie Projects is one of our favourites. This inspiring couple have converted tiny homes, campers and boats all over the world. Doing the stuff that most of us only dream about. They’re currently living off-grid in a self-build barn in Portugal.

You can still find loads of campervan conversion content, including podcasts and Youtube videos on their conversions. Some of our favs include the window fitting on their Sprinter van conversion and removing the floor. It’s these campervan conversion details that can be tricky when you’re starting your own DIY conversion. 

This amazing couple and their alternative living dream will have you hooked. 

Listen to The Indie Project on their podcast and watch them on their Youtube channel.

Indie Projects Campervan Conversions

VAN BOOM: Why Are Vans Trending & Is Van Life The New American Dream?

Although US centric this is still a great documentary to watch. Sergei Boutenko interviewed over 80 people to try and get to the bottom of why the campervan industry is booming. An interesting look at the socio-economic impact on this new nomadic lifestyle. 

Watch the Van Boom documentary on Youtube.  

Van Boom Campervan Documentary


Wildworx Campervan Conversions

These are just some of our favourite videos and podcasts to give you a taste of this fantastic alternative lifestyle. Even if you’re planning your Campervan Conversion for short trips, you can learn alot from people who are living in their vans full time. 

Do you have a different content creator to suggest? Or are you looking for more information on Campervan Conversions? Get in touch.

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