Rusty Lee Seat Swivel Base

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The Rusty Lee Seat Swivel, double seat swivel base, is the number one in-vehicle M1 tested and TUV approved. We think its the best on the market! The operations are extremely smooth, to top it off their unique locking bolt system mounts externally off the base, meaning no storage space is compromised.

The locking bolts on the base are easy to screw and un-screw and pop up on a unique spring system, so they don’t drag at all whilst you’re operating the seat.

The smooth white nylon allows for a lovely silky swivel action and the spring bolts are really very easy to locate back into place.

Tested to German TUV standards which are a lot stricter than the UK testing system.

Compatible with VW Transporter T5/6 2003 – Current Models

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