Microfibre Premium Car Wash Cleaning Cloth

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The Ultimate Microfibre Cleaning Car Wash Cloths.

These microfibre towels are excellent for removing or buffing and polishing. Premium quality material and reinforced edges make this towel strong and long lasting. They'll make your life much easier when detailing your van. One microfiber towel is all you need to dry your entire van! Can absorb as much water as 10 times of its weight. Made with Premium 840gsm. These microfiber towels will not scratch cars paint/coats or other surfaces, can be used for crystal, mirrors, tiles, windows, cars, hands, dishes etc. Different colours on each side that make it easy to remember what side you are applying with and what side is the dry side to buff. Also has a handy loop to hang the item in your garage/ workshop. Not only are these towels fantastic for buffing water, polish etc they are also perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen etc.

High water absorption: The super-absorbent material quickly absorbs water and dries quickly to become a remarkable feature. Strong decontamination: Its special cross-section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, and the effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious. No fibre shedding: High-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break. At the same time, the fine weaving method is adopted. Without spinning, no looping, the fibers are not easily peeled off from the surface of the towel. Long lasting: Because the microfibre has high strength and toughness, its service life is longer than that of ordinary towels, and it remains unchanged after long-term washing. At the same time, polymer fibre does not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fibre, and cannot survive. After drying, it will not allow mould to occur or to produce an odour. Easy to clean: When an ordinary towel is used, especially the natural fibre towel, the dust, grease, dirt and the like on the surface of the object are directly absorbed into the fibre, and remain in the fibre after use, which is difficult to remove, and even hardens after a long time. Creating a loss of flexibility and will eventually affect the use. The microfibre towel absorbs the dirt between the fibres (instead of the inside of the fibre). These towels have a high fibre density so the adsorption capacity is strong, and it is only necessary to clean with water or a little detergent after use. Suitable for the cleaning of automobile interior instrument panel, leather seats, glass and other objects: spray the protective agent on the surface of the object and wipe it with a towel. Dry and wet, wipe the surface dirt and dust with a towel. Wipe the body with a towel, apply wax evenly on the paint using a new towel. When the wax is solidified, buff the wax off with a new towel again. This will ensure the cloth is not contaminated and will not scratch the paintwork. They are re-useable so just ensure you use each towel for one purpose only.

What's included-

1 x premium car cleaning microfibre cloth

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