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Koch Chemie Fresh Up Odour Eliminator 1000ml

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The Koch Chemie Fresh Up Odour Eliminator spray envelops undesirable odour molecules, thereby rendering them obsolete. These odours are then replaced by a crisp, new aroma. Clear grime and the odour sources prior to using the Odour Eliminator for maximum effectiveness.

The sprayable special product for the destruction of unpleasant odors in the vehicle interior, caravans, boats, plumbing, residential and commercial spaces. The odor molecules from tobacco smoke, animal odors, putrefaction etc. are encapsulated and thus ineffective. Fresh Up deodorizes the treated areas, textiles and surfaces with a fresh scent. For odor remediation of extreme problem vehicles, we also recommend the use of ozone generator KC 3500th Application areas textiles, upholstery, roof lining, air Recommendations for preliminary remove contaminants and odor sources through a thorough cleaning. Then spray the textiles, surfaces or spaces sparingly. protect from frost warnings and excessive heat! Check for suitability and compatibility before use! 

Included: 1 x Koch Chemie Fresh Up The odours 1000ml

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