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Koch Chemie – Black Plastic Dye

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Koch Chemie Black Plastic Dye is a water-resistant plastic dye designed for recolouring weathered or faded plastic parts on your car exterior.

This product permeates the surface to dye and protect the treated areas. To use its German name, 'Kunststoff-Färber schwarz' provides great covering properties and is highly resistant. Surfaces are touch-dry after approximately 1 hour. Full load-carrying capacity after approximately 1 week. Always seal the tube in an airtight manner. Restores faded black areas on your car exterior to a new condition. 

Before use, thoroughly clean any dirt, grease, wax residues, etc. from the plastic. Mask off parts that are to be left untreated. Working at room temperature, apply a thin layer with a damp, car-safe sponge. Repeat if necessary. As with all products always check suitability and compatibility before use.

Not resistant to salt water.

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