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Dodo Dead Mat Hex Sound Deadening Bulk Roll 5.83m

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  • Car / Van Sound Deadening
  • High Grade Butyl & Aluminium Construction
  • Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise
  • Supplied as 60cm x 5.83m Roll
  • Dodo Dead Mat Hex is a self adhesive, foil backed sound deadening vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Dodo Dead Mat Hex on the interior sheet metal of any vehicle to destroy unwanted vibrations & structural noise.

    Make those panels as dead as a Dodo!

    Dodo Dead Mat Hex has a high grade butyl compund for better sound deadening & vibration control. To maintain flexibility and ease of cutting we also employ our unique Hex embossing pattern.

    Dead Mat Hex provides a lower weight solution for the car/van owner wanting a quiet smoother drive without adding unnecessary mass. The unique Dodo specification chemistry of the synthetic butyl core effectively deadens panel vibration without the excessive bulk of competitor products.

    The distinctive Hex top sheet is purposely designed to be aid installation and mould easily on more complex surfaces. This added flexibility allows the Dodo mat to be supplied in larger single sheet rolls for improved fit and cosmetic appearance whilst minimising creases and folds.

    To increase installation convenience the product is supplied in one extra large 4.66m sheet (rolled) perfect for custom work and large areas.

  • Surface Preparation: The surface you are treating must be clean. Remove any dust or rust. Use a degreasing agent or appropriate organic solvent to degrease greasy surfaces.

    Cutting: Use a Stanley knife or similar to cut the product to the desired shape.

    Application: Pull back the entire adhesive backing and press the mat onto the metal panel. The use of a roller tool may help remove pockets of air and provide a more even application.

    Heat: If the ambient installation temperature is over 10°C, heating is generally unneccessary. However when applying to complex or inverted surfaces, warming the material can make application easier.

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