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Chemical Guys Vintage Speed Wipe

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One of our favourite Quick detailers, Speed Wipe is a gloss enhancing detailing spray which enhances existing wax or sealant layer with a synthetic layer of protection. This is a Chemical Guys first, a quick detailer with true Anti Static properties. Chemical Guys Speed Wipe can be used on paintwork, glass, chrome, plastics and rubber to restore that just waxed look in minutes. It does not strip wax or remove sealants so is an ideal product for maintaining and prolonging waxed finishes. An easy to use, spray on then wipe off, quick detailer.

Regular use will prolong the life of sealants and wax.

    • Use as a waterless car wash, clay bar lubricant or quick detailing spray
    • Restore that just waxed look in minutes.
    • Prolong the life of synthetic and carnauba based finishes.

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