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AutoFinesse Citrus Power Bug and Grime Remover 5 Litre

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Make light work of bugs on the front of your car with Citrus Power bug and grime remover, and take care of road grime from the grubbier areas to without removing or effecting car wax or paint sealant layers. Citrus Power is one of the first pre wash solutions that is LSP safe, its gentle but packs a punch formula will remove the above without damaging your car wax or sealant layers. Safe for use on paintwork, glass, plastics and more.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power is a wax and sealant safe pre-wash and exterior all purpose cleaner, perfect for those times when regular shampoo and snow foams just don't cut it. Unlike most exterior APC’s and traffic film removers, Citrus Power is gentle enough for regular use on your wax or sealant, but tough enough to tackle even the worst of the winter muck. Whether you're washing off bug splatter, prepping the trims of a daily driver or cleaning grease and oil from the engine bay of a priceless supercar, Auto Finesse Citrus Power is the product you'll always reach for.

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, Citrus Power is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers, but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first time detailers as well. This product is something that can totalling break down winter salt spray, bugs, traffic films, mud splatter, and bird droppings without the risks of caustic traffic film removers. 

Lower Body Panels Areas on the lower half of a vehicle often collect the most dirt on the car and can be the cause of swirl marks. Places such as sills, wings and behind the front wheels often become the dirtiest from road grime, road salts, grease and brake dust. By adding Citrus Power into your wash routine as a prewash you can remove a lot of this dirt before you take a wash mitt or sponge to your paint work. Spray Citrus Power on the lower half of your car before the wash stage, and allow dwelling for five to ten minutes before rinsing off.

Wheels, Tyres and Wheel Arches Often the use of a heavy wheel cleaner is not always needed to produce the finish desired, especially when wheels have been previously waxed with a wheel wax such as Mint Rims. Spray the wheel and tire in Citrus Power and allow dwelling. If needed, agitate the dirty wheel and tire to release any trapped in dirt. Once agitated, rinse the dirt away with fresh water. This process also works well with wheel arches.

Engine Bays can be a worrying area for many when it comes to detailing. Citrus Power makes light work engines bays, new and old. The cleaning agents in the formula power break down all types of typical dirt, grease and oil found around the engine bay and is safe on painted parts, plastics and exposed metals. Often agitating is needed to release hard in dirt.

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