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Autofinesse Ceramics Wheel Protection Kit

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The ultimate in long lasting protection and gloss for your vehicles paintwork that lasts up to 12 months. Caramics ceramic resin technology bonds to paintwork offering unrivalled protection, beading and easy clean properties that are designed to help keep your car looking better for longer.

Kit Contents

2x 100ml Prep-Spray, 8 x Ceramic Resin Wipes
Protective Gloves
Instructional Guides
Sticker Emblems

Read the instructions fully. Before application ensure all of your wheels are thoroughly clean, dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Make sure you have all the equipment necessary to hand.


Do NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot wheels
Do NOT leave the coating to cure for longer then the specified time
Do NOT apply to a wet wheels
Do NOT apply to any other surface than stated

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