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Auto Finesse Clay Bar Kit

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This Clay Bar is a very effective way to remove embedded contaminates, leaving your vehicle feeling completely clean and free of build-up. 

This Kit Includes:

1 x Glide 500ml 

The Auto Finesse® glide clay bar lubricant has been designed to make clay barring your car much more efficient and is not quite as time consuming. Its special blend of slip agents help to encapsulate debris released during this process. It will allow the Detailing Clay Bar to slide across the surface of the vehicle with complete ease. This greatly reduces the chance of marring.

1 x Clay Bar 

The Auto Finesse® Detailing Clay Bar comes as a 200g block and is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay. Its structure allows it to be both more effective against contamination and far less abrasive on sensitive paintwork than your average clay bar. It will remove both organic contamination (tree sap, mineral deposits from rainwater, protein deposits from insects and bird droppings,) and other types of contamination (light tar and iron deposits, industrial pollution, paint overspray, etc.) on practically any hard surface.

This is an ideal kit for any car/van detailer or for use on your own pride and joy!

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