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AutoFinesse Dressle All Purpose Dressing 5 Litre

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Struggling to dress modern honeycomb grills, wanting to add that finishing touch to a freshly detailed engine bay or just need to add that extra shine to your vehicle trim? Then Auto Finesse Dressle is for you! This liquid, dry touch water based dressing can be sprayed directly on to the surface or applied with an applicator or cloth depending on the area of the vehicle you are working on. This highly versatile dressing is also great for dressing hard to reach areas such as wheel wells and engine bays, due to its spray on and walk away nature, simply dose the surface with a few fine mists of Dressle and leave to cure.

Dressle is also a great product to enhance the appearance of the cockpit of your vehicle, as it drys to a non sticky or greasy finish, it leaves a pleasant and natural sheen. The UV inhibitors help prevent interior surfaces from fading, and keeps a deep rich finish to your interior plastic and vinyl trim, it contains no waxes, oils, or petroleum distillates.

Dressle’s highly-concentrated water based surface enhancers work by adhering to plastic, vinyl or rubber trim and coating them with a water repellent UV block, that is dry to the touch and leaves a satin “new look” sheen that helps protect the surface from aging, drying or cracking, whilst adding to its visual appearance.


For engine bays: Clean and dry your engine bay first, then generously spray Dressle on all of the engines plastic components, you can coat the painted and metal parts too! Then leave to dry for 4-6 hours. Wipe up any excess after this curing time. Your bay will look fresh, clean and protected.

Interior plastic, vinyl and rubber: Apply 1-3 sprays of product to a Microfiber or applicator and wipe on to the surface, door cards, dash boards and other flat surfaces can be coated easily this way, for trickier areas such and vents, gaps and other hard to reach parts, try spraying Dressle on to a detailing brush and applying.

Exterior trim: Apply 2-3 spritz of Dressle to a microfiber towel, and work in to the surface, leave to cure, if patching occurs add a subsequent second coat.

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