VW Transporter Conversion

VW Transporter Conversion are perfect for those of you who are looking to convert a modern van into whatever you want including a campervan, day van or Kombi. However, before you settle on the decision, it is best to get as much information as you possibly can regarding Transporter conversions. So in order to give you a little help in this specific area, we have decided to give you all the information that you could possibly need! 

VW Transporter Conversion from Wildworx Alcester

What is a Transporter Conversion?

As ever, it is always ideal to start with the basics first. In simple terms, a VW Transporter conversion is literally where a VW Transporter of your choice is taken and modified in order to meet all of your needs. There are so many different types of conversions that you can go for, so be sure to pick the one that is the best for you. One of the most common ones that people tend to go for when they have a Transporter conversion, is a campervan conversion. Campervan conversions are perfect for those of you who are looking to stay away for a long period of time. They are also great for those of you who want to travel to multiple different places in the UK often. Another really popular type of conversion people go for is a day van conversion. Day van conversions are perfect for those of you who are either looking for a van to go out for the day, such as a fishing trip, or for a work van. They also have a lot more space inside them, which means you will have plenty of room to carry all of your needed equipment. So, if you are someone who is looking to holiday in the UK quite often then we recommend you opt for a campervan conversion, whereas if you are someone who is looking for a van for a fully functioning work van then you should definitely consider investing in a day van conversion. However, as we said earlier, there are so many more different types of conversions that you can go for when you are looking as to what you should convert your Transporter into. 

The Price

Unfortunately, nothing is free. When it comes to van conversions, you should typically be looking to spend on average £8000 to about £20000. However, there is no need to worry about the cost whatsoever. There are so many different things that you can do in order to influence the overall price that you are going to end up paying. For example, a lot of people tend to do some DIY jobs when it comes to their Transporter conversion in order to save some money. Obviously this is not something that everyone can do, but it is definitely something you could consider. Another thing that you could do is opt for a basic Transporter conversion. This will definitely decrease the overall price to some extent, and if you are someone who is on a tight budget then this may be something that you will want to look at. You could even go for a basic van conversion on a second hand Transporter. However, if it is a second hand Transporter that you are going to be purchasing, be sure to check the van in as much detail as you possibly can to ensure that you are getting your money's worth. 

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Be Safe

Safety is always the most important factor when it comes to van conversions, and should be taken very seriously. When you are looking at different things for your van conversion, be sure to check that it has gone through some serious safety testing, to ensure that your safety is at the best possible interest. We strongly recommend that you install a carbon monoxide into your van, as well as a fire blanket or fire extinguisher. The ventilation is another thing that you need to remember for your van, especially if your van has any sort of gas appliances inside it. Pop top roofs are perfect for the ventilation in a campervan conversion. It is also important to protect your van too. What we mean by this is that we highly recommend you install some sort of security protection to your van, to ensure that it is protected from thieves at all times. GPS trackers are a perfect choice you can go for, as they can alert you via text if your van has been stolen. You may even want to install some locks to your van just to provide it with that extra security in order to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your Transporter. We do suggest that you take any of your personal belongings with you when you are not using your van as a precaution. Another thing to keep in mind is DIY. We highly recommend that you only complete a DIY task if you are capable of doing so. If this is something that you cannot do, then we recommend that you hire a professional company to do it for you instead. 

What should I look for?

Storage is definitely one of the major things you should look for when it comes to Transporter conversions. Storage is a key thing that you are definitely going to want to have in your van, no matter what the conversion is. Having some sort of storage in your van will provide you with so many different types of benefits, meaning that your life will be much easier! Storage in your van means that you will be able to instantly transform the space inside your van into an efficient storage space. By having an organised space inside your van, you will be able to find whatever you need in literally just a matter of seconds. This is great, because not only will you be able to reduce any unneeded frustration or stress that may potentially occur as a result of you not being able to find anything, but it will also allow for all of your personal belongings and equipment to be safely secured in your van. This is another major benefit as it means that the risk of any of your possessions becoming damaged is instantly reduced, due to the fact that it will be stored away neatly somewhere. 

Another thing that you should look for when it comes to your Transporter conversion is where the essentials are going to go. Things such as beds, lights, kitchen appliances are all going to need a specific place inside your van. When it comes to beds, there are so many different types that you can go for. The two most common types of beds are the platform and convertible beds. Platform beds, otherwise known as fixed platform beds, are beds which stay fixed at all times. This means that you won't have to worry about assembling it together everyday. There will also be a space underneath the platform bed, where you can place any of your large outdoor pieces of equipment if that is something that you want to do. With convertible beds, you are going to need to assemble it everyday. So as long as you are more than happy to do that, then you should definitely consider investing in a convertible bed for your Transporter. You could even go for a bunk bed inside your van, especially if you have small children, as long as you have the room inside your van. You are definitely going to need some electricity in your van in order to have some sort of lighting in your van and to run your refrigerator. This is something that we strongly recommend that you get a professional to do for you, just to ensure that it is done properly and safely. Obviously you are more than welcome to do it yourself, but we strongly suggest you only do this if you know that you can. 

VW Transporter Conversion from Wildworx Alcester


You can never go wrong with van accessories when it comes to van conversions. They are perfect for those of you who are looking for different ways to modify and improve your van even more.  For those of you who are going to be getting a campervan conversion, then we highly recommend purchasing a pop top roof. Pop top roofs are the perfect van accessory for those of you who are looking for more room inside your van to stand up or even add an extra sleeping space. As we said earlier, pop top roofs are also perfect for providing your van with some sort of ventilation. Another great accessory you can go for are alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are perfect for any sort of Transporter, as it instantly provides you with a very desirable contemporary look. However, not only does it give you a cosmetic benefit, but it also comes with practical advantages too. By having alloy wheels you will be able to stop a lot quicker than you would with non alloy wheels, as well as faster acceleration. There are numerous different types of van accessories that you can add to your Transporter conversion, and we do recommend that you research as many as you can in order to find the ones which are perfect for both you and your van. 

Why a conversion?

Conversions are a great investment, and are definitely worth considering. If you are someone who tends to go camping quite often, then we highly recommend looking at campervan conversions. This is because you will be able to travel wherever you like in the UK, without having to pay an accommodation fee. You may potentially have to pay a small cost at some specific campsites, but this will not be much. Another great benefit you will receive with a campervan, is that you won't have to worry about sleeping on the uncomfortable terrain. You will also find that Transporters have a very van like drive. This means that you will be able to use it for leisure, as well as everyday use. It’s a win win! They are also perfect for those of you who are looking to get outdoors as much as possible, as well as meeting and socialising with new people. Conversions are also great for those of you who are looking for a work van that will accommodate all of your needs perfectly. With the great amount of space that you will be provided with, you really cannot go wrong.



We hope that all of this information regarding Transporter conversions has been extremely helpful in some way. We also wish to see you one day here at Wildworx in order to get started on your very own Transporter conversion! However, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us. You can either give us a call on 01527 359 002 or email us info@wwxvans.co.uk