VW Kombi Conversion from Wildworx

VW T6 Kombi Conversion

Wildworx recently completed this awesome van conversion on a VW T6 Kombi. The customer came to us with a specific brief. He uses his van for both work and at the weekend for his hobbies. 

He wanted removable Kombi seats retro fitted to the van. This was so he could either use the large storage space at the rear of the conversion or could put the seats in and take more passengers. This gives him the flexibility he requires in his van conversion. 

The team started by carpet lining the vehicle with a smoke grey carpet and adding a leisure battery system to enable the vehicle to have LED lights in the rear. Once the vehicle was carpeted the van went on the ramp. This is necessary to safely retro fit the Kombi seats to the van. It is important for these seats to be bolted through the base of the vehicle. This means that you can safely carry passengers in the van with seatbelts that meet regulations. 

Once this was completed the bodywork team gave the vehicle a complete shine and polish. Giving the van a total new lease of life! Wildworx offers similar conversions to this on any base model, including Volkswagen, Ford and any other you can think of. For your own bespoke van conversion quote, get in touch for more information.