VW Caddy Custom Van Conversion

VW Caddy Custom Van Sales and Modifications

VW Caddy Custom

Wildworx Specialises in VW Caddy Custom Conversions. The VW Caddy is an awesome van to convert as we can make it look awesome and really stand out from the crowd! 

What VW Caddy is best for Conversion?

What VW Caddy is best for conversion is a very personal choice. The VW Caddy comes in a variety of different models. For example Caddy, Caddy Maxi, Caddy Maxi R sport. Each of these vehicles have a different look and feel. From sporty to practical. Sporty would be great for a pimped out work van, and the more practical look would work really well for a campervan conversion. 

What is a Custom Conversion?

A custom conversion refers to any van conversion which is customised unique to you. We take a standard base model in this case the VW Caddy and create a custom conversion for you. 

What’s Included in a Custom Caddy Conversion?

Anything you want! The options are pretty limitless. Creating a custom caddy conversion means you can create a vehicle with a really cool look. Most people favour the sporty look for this particular model. This look can be achieved by modifying and customising various elements of the van. 

What are the External Caddy Custom Options 

On the outside of the vehicle there are a few options to consider. One thing we always recommend is to colour code the bumpers, mirrors and side detail. This means paint these areas of the vehicle from black (the standard colour) to the colour of the vehicle. Making the van look more streamline and sporty. This can turn a model from the lower end of the market into a higher end vehicle.

Looking for very cool modifications? Check out the Heko wind deflectors. These can be added to your VW Caddy and really take the van to the next level! At the same time we recommend adding side bars, splitters, and spoilers. Alongside this detailing, lighting modifications are a great way to stand out. 

The overall feel of the paintwork is important too. Here at Wildworx we have a very talented team of paint professionals who are able to complete bodywork and paint repairs on your van. They can also achieve custom paint jobs as per your specification.

VW Caddy Engine Upgrades 

Vehicle remapping is an exciting customisation that we can complete on your VW Caddy. This will increase the break horse power (BHP) of the van. Usually to 180BHP. 

What are the Internal VW Caddy Custom Options

Internal VW Caddy options are limitless! We have include some of our favourites here. Starting in the cab upgrading the Satnav and Bluetooth is essential. Multi functional steering wheels, and rear parking sensors are so important in a luxury van. 

In the rear of the van we can customise until the cows come home! Right from a new side step all the way to a custom campervan conversion for your VW Caddy, we can do it all! We always recommend carpet lining the rear of the panel van. This is because it can block out noise and keep the warmth in. Not to mention it looks awesome. 

We have only been able to mention a few of our favourite VW Caddy Customisations. Get in touch to speak to one of our Conversion Reps, who will be able to go into detail about your VW Caddy Custom Conversion.