Van Parts for your conversion

Van Parts are an important part to converting your van or a kombi to the ideal modified state that you would love it to be and that you’ll be happy with. That’s why knowing about the Van Parts before you purchase them is important because there’s nothing worse than buying something and then it doesn’t meet your expectations. Here at Wildworx, we understand how important that is to our customers, so we have made sure each of our listings are detailed about the products. If you are not wanting to fit the Van Parts yourself, you can always give us a call and we do provide fitting. We are happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or email.

Van Parts for your campervan or van conversion at Wildworx Alcester

There are so many awesome Van Parts that you can purchase! This includes parts such as side bars to pop top roofs & splitters. One of the most popular accessories that people like to add to their van are side bars. They provide great practical advantages, but they also offer an amazing cosmetic display. They allow easy & safe access into your van, and also help protect the exterior by blocking any debris from the road hitting and scratching the sides. They are definitely worth the investment if you are going to be travelling with young children, or even people of other age groups who may find it difficult to get into a van. Another popular Van Parts that people like to purchase for their van are roof bars. By adding roof bars, you will be able to easily remove all the unwanted stress of not being able to fit all your belongings inside the van. You can also use them to free up some space within the van. The same as side bars, roof bars also improve the appearance of your van majorly and are most certainly worth the purchase!

Four way stretch carpet is essential for your van conversion. The full carpet lining and insulation service we provide offers everything that you will need! A lot of people tend to sway towards carpeting the back of the van so that it looks more professional and more homely. We have had a couple of customers ask us to upgrade their roof to an Alcantara roof lining. Carpeting the van is definitely ideal, mainly if you are not going to store any racking Van Parts inside.

Van conversion from Wildworx Alcester including van parts

Pop top roofs have become so popular these days. We absolutely love them, they are essential Van Parts that make a huge difference to your van or campervan. By having your pop top roof installed on your van or kombi it will give you extra space, meaning it will convert your van from only being a 2 berth campervan to being a 4 berth campervan. We also stock pop top roof mattresses, so you can get going with everything you will need. We always say that pop top roofs are a great investment worth every penny! You should 100% consider these.

The most exciting Van Parts are of course wheels! How could we have forgotten about alloy wheels? Well we haven’t really...Whether you own a VW T5 or T6, Ford Transit, Renault Trafic or Vauxhall Vivaro, you have a lot to consider! A lot of people do just look at wheels and think oh they look nice, let's put these on but actually you need to see if they are right for the type of van you own. You don’t want it to cost more in the long run than you have initially thought or even needing to replace Van Parts, such as shocks or springs? We have a lot of choices of alloy wheels available on our website and if you give us a call we will be more than happy to help you out on making a choice. We know how hard it can be, haha!

LED headlights Van Parts for your van conversion

If you are wanting to only change bits and bobs on your van and don’t have a large budget on hand to buy some Van Parts, then why not change the colour of the VW badges at the front and back? We stock Black Edition VW badges and they have been a hit! Pair them with LED headlights and your van or kombi is going to look so beasty! We can’t wait to see the photos of the Van Parts fitted on your van. They are going to look so fire and we are so here for it!

Give us a follow on instagram @wildworx_customs we share a lot of our customers photos that they send in with their new Van Parts! If you ever need any help choosing the right Van Parts for you van or kombi, send us an email or give us a call on 01527 359 002