How to: Lower VW T6 Transporter Van for your conversion

Want to Lower VW T6, but not sure what to do? Well, you will be glad to know that you have come to the right place! We know that it can be difficult to find all the information you need in one place, which is why here at Wildworx Customs we have created a blog focusing solely on lowering your transporter T6.


What about safety?

We are aware that safety is always a number one priority for all of our customers. So in order to ensure this, all of our suspension kits that are available on our website are TUV approved. What this means is that a sample of the kit has been tested for safety and is found to meet the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. We also have a team of fully qualified professionals who will be more than happy to help fit the suspension kit for you at our workshop in Redditch!


Which is better, lowering springs or coilovers?

This is one of the most common questions we tend to get from customers when they are looking at suspension kits for their van. The most simple and straightforward answer as to this question is that coilovers are definitely a better choice to go for compared to lowering springs. This is because coilovers actually allow you to adjust the height of your VW T6 at any time, whereas with lowering springs you are stuck at one height. 


However if you do find yourself in a position where you are on a tight budget and would rather go for a cheaper option to Lower VW T6 then lowering springs would possibly be a better option. 


With lowering springs, you tend to find that you will feel more of the road when driving. Of course this isn’t always a negative as some people may prefer this and it really does come down to personal preference.  Lowering springs also cause faster wear of shocks and struts.


If this is definitely something that you really wish to avoid and you want the best possible outcome available then we strongly recommend you invest in some coilovers. 


What benefits do coilovers come with?

There are multiple different advantages that coilovers provide for your van.  Whether you want the suspension kit for practical or even just cosmetic reasons, coilovers are most certainly one of the best accessories to go for when it comes to lowering your VW T6! 


Coilovers improve the handling of your van tremendously. By lowering your van to a suitable height will enable your vehicle to stick around any corners and also reduce body roll. Coilovers can also be adjusted at any time, which is something that is not available for you to do with lowering springs. 


Another benefit that coilovers provide, is that the shocks and springs are matched to reduce any wear that may occur on the entire system. 

Appearance wise, coilovers will provide you with a sporty ‘slammed’ look which is extremely appealing to the eye! 


To summarise this all up for you, coilovers are most definitely the right choice to go for if you want to enhance the performance of your van. You don’t necessarily need to have them, but it is definitely an accessory that is desired by many for both practicality and appearance reasons. 


There are multiple images that are available on google to show you exactly what a coilover kit looks like and what it does. You can also check out Youtube to watch any videos that may help provide a better insight on coilovers. 


How much will coilovers cost me?

As cost is such a key thing that many people keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a VW T6, it is important to make sure you know exactly how much money you want to spend. 


As we said above, if you are on a tight budget, then lowering springs are probably a better option if you want to lower the height of your VW T6. However, if you are in a position where you can spend a fair bit of money on enhancing your van then coilovers are 100% the best choice! With suspension kits, you will often find that you get what you pay for. 


So, even if you do think that you have found a great bargain for a coilover kit, the chances that it does the exact same job as the premium coilover kits are very slim. The price of our coilover kits that we offer here at Wildworx Customs can be seen using this link 


What mistakes do people make when they lower their VW T6?

Sometimes, mistakes are inevitable. But what if certain mistakes can be easily avoided if you make the right choices? With all the information that we can possibly provide you with, you will definitely make the best choices when it comes to purchasing suspension kits for your VW T6 to ensure that you can easily avoid these common mistakes. 


The first common mistake that people often tend to make with coilover kits is when they buy cheaper coilovers. Of course there are cheaper versions that improve your van to a certain extent, but they are nowhere near as good as the premium brands. People who go for this choice tend to find that this can actually become quite expensive, especially in the long run, as they do not last as long and can cause various problems such as a bumpy and/or noisy ride. 


Another common mistake that people often come across when shopping for suspension kits is that the spring and shock absorbers can be sold separately. Of course this may not seem like a massive problem at first, however these items do actually need to match up with the original components of the suspension. Not only can this leave people extremely disappointed, but it can also be very time consuming as they then have to send them back and then wait for new ones to arrive. 


All of the mistakes regarding coilovers or even any other van accessory can be easily prevented if you do it correctly and also safely. 


Can I install coilovers myself?

Of course you can! This is an option that a lot of people like to choose as it is cheaper and very insightful. However, it is definitely not as simple as it may seem. You have to make sure that you know exactly what it is you are doing to prevent any issues that may potentially occur in the near future. 


As installing coilovers can sometimes be quite a tricky job and a task that requires a large amount of dedication and knowledge, there is always the other option where you can pay a team of professionals to do it for you. But if you are up for the job, then why not take the opportunity? 


There are also multiple different videos that are available on youtube and other websites which may be extremely beneficial when it comes to knowing how to fit the coilovers.  


Top tips for installing coilovers myself to Lower VW T6?

If installing coilovers yourself is definitely something which you have carefully thought through and are more than happy to do, then you are definitely going to need some pointers to help guide you in this area.


The first tip that you will need to take before you do any of the practical work is to plan. We really cannot stress how important it is to plan out exactly everything it is you will be doing. You are 100%  going to need to be aware of what tools and other equipment you will be needing to use and why. 


The second tip that we have for you, is to do with measuring. It is very important that you measure exactly everything that will be involved during the process. Not only will this make sure that you have the correct equipment for the installation but will also remove any additional stress that may occur if, for example something, you have ordered is too small. 


Lastly, it is highly recommended that you take your VW T6 out for a test run after you have fitted the  coilovers in order to make sure you have done it correctly and that there are not any problems. 


What we offer here at Wildworx Customs

Here at Wildworx Customs, we offer the Van Slam 5forty Coilover kit. The prices of this specific suspension kit can be found via our website. 


As we have said previously, we do not recommend buying ‘cheaper’ versions of coilovers as it can potentially be very expensive in the long run. 


With the 5forty coilovers, they are not ridiculously expensive and are fairly easy to install. They allow you to lower your VW T6 between 40mm and 70mm and come with a lifetime structural warranty. 


The Van Slam 5forty Coilover kit also offers an absolutely gorgeous cosmetic display, for your van and the quality is amazing! We also have a workshop in Redditch where we can either install the coilovers for you, or you can simply just buy the coilovers from us and then install them yourself 


Do your own homework!

It is so important to research as much as you possibly can before purchasing any sort of van accessory for your VW T6! Researching is so beneficial in many different ways as it will prevent any mistakes you may have possibly made when looking at coilover kits for your VW, and will also reduce any unneeded extra stress by making your purchase a lot more simpler and easier. 


Whether you want to install the coilovers yourself or just simply considering them, researching will help you cover absolutely everything there is to know and answer any questions you may have. 


We also recommend that before you go purchasing any suspension kits, you should make sure you know exactly how much it is you want to spend and why you are making the purchase to prevent any further complications. 

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Be on your way!

With all the information that we have provided for you on lowering your VW transporter T6, you can now get started on purchasing the perfect suspension kit for your van! However, if you do have any further questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to get into contact with one of our team members here at Wildworx Customs by calling 01527 359 002 or email us at