Ford Transit Custom van Accessories

It can always be difficult to find out the exact information you need for a specific thing. So in order to make life so much more easier, here at Wildworx Customs we have decided to create a list of things that you will most certainly want to know about before purchasing them for your  Ford Transit Custom. 

Van racking for your Ford Transit Custom

You will be relieved to know that when it comes to van racking for your Ford Transit Custom, safety and functionality definitely come first. Van racking manufacturers also perform crash tests to ensure that everything meets all standard safety requirements. Van racking is great for businesses such as plumbing, carpentry, and also electrical as they help keep all your things safely and secure in one place.  You can purchase van racking for your Ford Transit Custom.


Storage system for your Ford Transit Custom

By keeping your van in an orderly and organised state will make life so much less stressful as things will be a lot more easier to find. It also reduces the risk of getting any equipment damaged as things will be in a secure & safe place. Things such as storage bins and boxes are definitely ideal storage systems for smaller spaces. These storage bins and boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning that there is something for everyone.


Another type of storage system that is available for your Ford Transit Custom. These are typically used for people who want larger storage systems. These storage systems give you more than enough space to safely secure tools and other sort of equipment that you will have in your van.  You can purchase a storage system for your Ford Transit Custom.


What other accessories can I add to my Ford Transit Custom?

There are numerous different types of accessories that are available for you to add to your Ford Transit Custom on our website. To help you out a little, we have decided to create a list of a few of our most popular accessories that are available for you to purchase from us here at Wildworx Customs. 


One of our most popular accessories for those who are looking to convert their Ford Transit Custom into a campervan, are pop top roofs. You will find that a lot of people tend to question whether or not they should invest in a pop top roof for their Ford Transit Van Custom. However, we strongly recommend that before you purchase anything, you should ask yourself exactly “why and how will a pop top roof benefit me?”


Pop top roofs are the main thing that turns your Ford Transit Custom into a campervan. When travelling, you want to be as comfortable as you can. By adding a pop top roof to your Ford Transit Custom, you will be able to experience that desirable amount of comfort you have always wanted whilst getting some practical benefits at the exact same time! 


As you will most likely be travelling throughout the UK, it is very important to own a high quality pop top roof that can withstand any sort of weather conditions. Here at Wildworx Customs we sell Austops, Skyline and SCA pop-top roof fitting. 


We also have a team who have all taken part in courses on roof fitting with each supplier to ensure that, if you would like us to do the job for you,  it is completed to a very high standard. When it comes to choosing what type of pop top roof it is you would like for your Ford Transit Custom, you should definitely take into account things such as how much it protrudes from the van and also anything else that may potentially bother you.


Most pop top roof kits do come with a platform bed, the quality of these beds do vary depending on what pop top roof it is that you are purchasing.



Another accessory for your Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels that is popular amongst our customers are alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are most certainly a must when it comes to any type of van. To put it in simple terms, alloy wheels are wheels that are formed from an alloy of aluminium and magnesium. They provide so many different benefits for your Ford Transit Custom such as faster acceleration, and also the ability to stop your van quicker. However, it does not stop there! Alloy wheels also provide amazing cosmetic benefits as they make your van much more visually appealing in order to allow it to stand out in the crowd and look absolutely fabulous.  We have a range of awesome different alloy wheels that are available for you to purchase on our website


Our third popular accessory that you can purchase for your Ford Transit Custom are roof bars. Basically, a roof bar consists of a collection of bars that are attached to the roof of your Ford Transit Custom. They are typically used to carry large items such as bikes, canoes or even any extra large luggage that you may have. Sometimes, people prefer to add roof bars simply just to allow for more space in their van. However before you make the decision to invest in a roof bar, it can be extremely helpful to create a list of what you will be carrying on your roof bar so you can reduce any potential damage that may occur as a result of you exceeding the weight limit. You can also add multiple different things to your roof bar in order to enhance it even more such as a wind deflector to reduce wind noise when travelling, making your epic journey run much smoother. 


Roof bars also improve the attractiveness of your Ford Transit Custom majorly, and if this is something that you are looking for you should most certainly consider investing in some. 


They aren’t exactly an accessory that is essential for your van, but they do make life so much more easier. Wouldn’t you love to be able to go away in your Ford Transit Custom and not have to stress about how you will be able to fit all your belongings in the van? Now that is something that would be great! 


What about the price?

Price is always a major thing that people are always interested in, especially when it is something to do with vans. However, there is no exact overall price as it completely depends on what it is you want to do. The price can be influenced a lot by things such as what type of accessories you purchase, where you are purchasing items from, and also other factors such as colour or size. Everything that is available for you to purchase from us here at Wildworx Customs, already has the prices attached to it so you know exactly how much you are spending! 


Do your own homework!

It is always best to do a little bit of research of things relating to your Ford Transit Custom beforehand, especially when it comes to accessories. Having some form of basic knowledge on this topic enables you to: save money, reduce any unwanted stress & hassle, and also potentially make the process go a lot more quicker.  By knowing exactly what it is you want and why is also another massive benefit that researching provides. 


Why should I convert my Ford Transit?

This question is a question that many people tend to ask. However, there is no straightforward answer to it as it entirely depends on what you intend to do with your Ford Transit Custom van. 


No matter what van it is you convert, a van conversion is always going to be worth every penny! The type of conversion and van that you want however, is entirely up to you. 


Even though we are currently living through some very strange and stressful times at the moment, many people are still wanting to do their annual family vacation away from home. As a result of this, staycations in the UK are becoming increasingly popular meaning that so is the demand for accommodation. However,  by having your very own Ford Transit Custom, you can holiday wherever it is you wish to without having to worry about paying for accommodation. 

 Another conversion people love to opt for is a day van conversion. You can use a day van for so many different things such as a family day out at the beach, fishing trips, a day out surfing, weekend festivals, or even as a fully functional work van. 


What about safety? 

Safety is always a number one priority here at Wildworx Customs, and because of this we are more than glad to tell you that everything that we sell here at Wildworx Customs meets all standard safety requirements and is of a high standard. However, if you do have any concerns that you wish to discuss with someone, you are more than welcome to get into contact with one of our team members here at Wildworx Customs using the contact information that has been provided below. 


Can I do anything myself?

Of course you can! Anything is achievable when it is done safely and properly. As long as you are certain that you will be able to confidently and successfully complete whatever it is you wish to do, then you should totally go for it! A lot of people actually prefer to fit van equipment themselves, rather than paying a company to do it, in order to save quite a bit of money. However is this is something that you are going to do, we highly recommend that you research as much as you can, measure absolutely everything that is going to be involved in the process, and do not hesitate to ask for any assistance in certain tasks.  

You are all set and ready to go! 

We hope that all the information we have provided for you has been extremely helpful in finding out what it is you wanted too. However, if you do have any further questions that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 359 002 or email us at