Carpeting your campervan, van or Kombi

What is the best Campervan Carpet?
Here at Wildworx, we have a great solution to Campervan Carpeting. We use four way stretch carpet for the carpeting in the campervans, vans and kombis. It is the most stretchiest and pliable carpet on the market to be used for these purposes. Four way stretch carpet is so much easier to use compared to other lining carpets, this is due to it being stretchy as mentioned above, it’s flexible and very mouldable around the most awkward places round the vans or kombis. Four way stretch carpet actually comes in a few different colours. Below we have linked our store link where you can purchase carpet yourself.   

Carpetting your Van Conversion


First things first, let’s start with the type of tools and safety tools you will need for Campervan Carpeting. We have done extensive research and asked our technicians in our Alcester workshop. It is very important to have the right tools because if you don;t costly mistakes can happen or the job becomes more of a hassle than enjoyment and you won’t like your new DIY challenge. We have created a summary list listing all these tools for you, so it should be a quick search and grab for you! 

Here’s the list guys: Goggles, Mask, Tape Measure, Scissors, Gloves, Stanley Blade (incl new blades), Scraper Tools, High Temperature Adhesive Glue, Four Way Stretch Carpet and Pick Tools (these help to get into those awkward edges). If you know you’ll be struggling with the Campervan Carpeting, then we recommend getting in touch with one of our qualified technicians at Wildworx. But, if you do prefer the DIY challenge then asking your buddy is a good idea!

Van Conversion 4 way stretch carpet


Our technicians have worked out roughly the approximate measurements you will need of four way stretch carpet for Campervan Carpeting. If you own a LWB van then you’ll approximately need 15m x 2m of the Campervan Carpet, this is to carpet the ceiling too. If you have a SWB van,12m x 2m, and this is to include the ceiling too. Pop into our store today with your van and we’ll be happy to help you choose the sizes you need and pick a colour with you. There’s nothing better than colour matching furniture and Campervan Carpeting. We are adhering to COVID-19 rules, so please don’t forget your mask!

If you prefer to not visit us and order online instead you can follow this link here. We offer delivery and also collection. Please choose the option that you prefer at the checkout.