Best T6 Conversion Ideas

We had a customer in the workshop recently who asked me what my favourite VW T6 van conversion options are. This got me thinking, there are so many products on the market it can be totally overwhelming to narrow it down to just a few. We have been in the van conversion industry for years, so I thought it would be good to list my favourite van conversion options - perfect for pimping your ride! Obviously this is a very personal choice, but it can be a great starting point to get a feel of what you’re looking for when you convert your dream Volkswagen T6. 

Just completed this Kombi conversion for a customer in the alloy trade 😉 doesn’t it look mint! Carpet lined, seats installed and full valet 👌 #kombi #kombiconversion #vw #vdub #t6 #vanmods #vwlife #beastmode #alloywheels #20inchwheels #workhardplaydirty #photooftheday #instagramvans #midlands #midlandvw

What exactly is a VW T6 Van Conversion?

The term van conversion can encompass so many different things. From custom styling to a campervan conversion. Van Conversion really means anything that you do to your van to create a custom and more bespoke vehicle which is made only for you! From engine upgrades, spoilers and splitters, to a full kitchens and beds - the list is endless! Van Conversions have been happening for years. Just think back to the original Volkswagen Hippie vans. They used to add all sorts of different customisations to their vehicles to make them stand out. It’s a very different look these days however! Here are my top four van conversion items that I wouldn’t do without on my van. 

One of the mistakes that people make when choosing their van conversion is not being fully clear from the offset what they are looking for from their vehicle. They don’t have a clear vision in mind so the conversion is in danger of becoming a bit of a mismatch of styles. Which means it won’t be fit for whatever purpose you’re looking for in the beginning. First decide on what you want to use the van for, next decide on the style you want to achieve. Only then can you start looking at the details of your VW Van Conversion.

Custom Styling 

For some these parts are totally insignificant, but for me they are what turns your boring work van into something you are excited about driving everyday. Custom styling really means anything you put onto the exterior of the vehicle to make it stand out. On the front you can add a new sportline bumper, which changes the grill to a much more aggressive look. You might have noticed the thin red stripe that some VW T6s have on their front. This is called a splitter. You can purchase these in any colour. However I love red on a black grill, it really stands out. 

Another favourite for our customers is the side bars that run along the side of your VW T6. You are able to purchase these in a variety of different colours, including chrome and matt black. Some are simply there for decorative purposes. Others have a flat ledge on the top which means you are able to stand on them when you get in and out of the vehicle. 

Other custom styling that is possible would include a rear spoiler. Although only a small item this can make a serious difference to the look of your vehicle. It simply goes above your tailgate or barn door on your VW. For an added sporty look. These come in a variety of colours and can be colour coded to the colour of your vehicle. These are around £250 supplied and fitted by Wildworx. 

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are a great edition to any VW T6 Van Conversion. They differ from the standard set, as they are often lighter and stronger. There are many different styles depending on what look you are trying to achieve for your van. You are able to get alloys in many different sizes from 10” to 30” for all different cars and vans. However I always suggest either 18” or 20” alloys are most suitable for the Volkswagen T6 Conversions. 16” alloys on a T6 often look a little strange! Anything over 20” can have detrimental effects on the handling of the van, as they begin to rub the wheel arches when in use. 

VW T6 Van Conversion Alloy Wheels Near me in West Midlands Redditch

If your vehicle has already got alloys, but they look a little scuffed. You are able to have alloy refurbishment completed to make them look like new. Alloy refurbishment usually costs around £25 per wheel. Wildworx offers supply and fit of a brand new set of alloys for £880 inc VAT. Get in touch to find out more information. 

Pop-Top Roof 

Of course, no blog talking about a van conversion would be complete without mentioning the pop top roof. We have written in more detail about the popularity of pop top van conversions in our other blogs. However for me the pop top is the thing that turns your van conversion into something really special! The possibilities are endless, but include colour coded, senenic canvas, extra high raise, the list goes on!  People use their pop top roof for added height in the vehicle. Usually this is for sleeping or cooking in their campervan conversion. Often van conversions leave the bottom of the vehicle as a standard panel van. Simply adding the roof to enable them to sleep whilst enjoying a hobby (cycling, fishing etc) 

In terms of safety it is important to look for a pop top campervan roof which has been made by a company who has gone through the rigorous crash testing that is required to become a certified campervan roof manufacturer. There is too much to go into on this subject on this blog. However there is more detailed information elsewhere on our website. 


Window Conversions

Pretty much every VW T6 that comes through the Wildworx workshop has a window conversion completed. These can be in any of the panels that the conversion has from the sliding door right through to the tailgate of the barn door. You can choose to do one panel or you can do every panel all of the way around the vehicle. You have to choose whether you want clear standard glass or privacy glass. Personally I like the look of the privacy glass. Plus the added security benefits are a plus. On the sliding door panel and the panel directly opposite you are able to have either a fixed non opening window or what is known as a slider. A slider means that the window opens. This is useful if you are planning on having passengers in the back of the vehicle or if you are converting into a campervan which will mean you can open the window to let the cooking smells out! 

Bodywork and resprays

At Wildworx we have an in house paint shop. This means we can complete pretty much any weird and wonderful bodywork ideas you might have. But first I always recommend having any dents and scratches fixed on the bodywork. Although they might be small, there is no point in investing in custom styling or conversion work on a vehicle that is not in good condition. It can cost less than you think to get your van back to looking as though it has just come out of the factory. This gives you a great base van to create the van conversion of your dreams! In the past we have completed half and half resprays on VW T6s which look fantastic! Take a look at this van which was resprayed in pure grey on the lower half giving it a really unique and almost retro look. 

Just leaving our workshop and heading to it’s new home. 👌


Obviously this is just a short list of my favourite  options that are available for your VW T6 Van Conversion. These options are very personal and totally depend on the look and style you are looking for for your van conversion! If you're thinking of converting your VW T6 I would suggest coming to take a look at our workshop to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Get in touch with our team for more information.