Alloy Wheels for your VW Transporter

Transporter Alloys are for sure the most desirable customisation by many. We always like to be as helpful as possible to our customers, whether it is choosing the appropriate Transporter Alloys or helping you over the phone how to fit something yourself. Before you guys go ahead and pimp out your vehicle there is actually a lot to consider beforehand to make sure you are ordering and fitting the correct Transporter Alloys for your type of VW Transporter. 

Alloy Wheels for your VW Transporter


We will talk you through some recommendations that we have found for the best but of course it is your own choice what type of Transporter Alloys you would like to go for. Alloy wheels don’t just have cosmetic advantages to your VW Transporter but also performance advantages! Such as the ability to stop your VW faster, they are able to dissipate heat faster, that’s why the braking performance is so much better. They are also less likely to corrode or rust and they lengthen the tyre life 

VW T6 Transporter Alloys Recommendations

Transporter Alloys are a brilliant addition to any VW T6 Transporter. They differ from the standard set, as they are often lighter and stronger. You can purchase many different styles of Transporter Alloys depending on what sort of style you are going for. You are able to get alloys in many different sizes from 10” to 30” for all different cars and vans. However, we always suggest either 18” or 20” Transporter Alloys are most suitable for the VW T6 vans. Anything over 20” can have detrimental effects on the handling of the van, as they begin to rub the wheel arches when in use. 

Transporter Alloys for your VW Transporter

VW T5 Transporter Alloys Recommendations

Calibre Transporter Alloys are definitely a great choice to go for when it comes to choosing alloy wheels for your VW T5. In fact, Calibre wheels is one of the most popular UK brands, due to their wide range of extremely attractive and modern alloy wheel designs. They are manufactured to very high standards, and are also TUV approved. Here at Wildworx, we sell more than 8 different Calibre alloy wheel designs, at a very affordable price! The other very recommended brand of Transporter Alloys for VW T5 vans, are Deutsche Rader Company. DRC wheels actually have a really cool feature in their wheels. They said that each wheel has very subtle but effective twists, in order to majorly boost the appearance of the wheels! DRC Transporter Alloys are a direct fit, which means that they can accept the VW T5’s original centre caps. In addition to this, of course  DRC alloy wheels are TUV approved, and are manufactured to meet very high standards, as well as Calibre alloy wheels.

Transporter Alloys for your van fitted at Alcester Wildworx workshop

Load Rating

One of the most important things you need to check when purchasing any Transporter Alloys for your van is load rating. Vans are significantly heavier than cars and can carry a lot more. It doesn’t matter if the van is full, converted or a panel vehicle the Transporter Alloys MUST be load rated. This will vary depending on the vehicle you have, we can help with this here at Wildworx. You can give us a call or send an email, if you require any assistance with choosing the correct Transporter Alloys for your vehicle or if you wish you can pop into our workshop in Alcester Warwickshire. You should never exceed the load rating of a wheel. Luckily the Transporter Alloys we do have are all up to scratch and suitable for VW T5 and T6 Transporters manufacturing guidelines.

Here’s a link you may find useful- Choosing Transporter Alloys without the correct load rating is seriously dangerous and can cause many issues. Buckled or bent wheels, faster tyre wear and an increase in your car maintenance costs. Too much of a load on your tyres can cause a tyre blowout, loss of control whilst driving, handling issues and reduced comfort. Most importantly, loss of life. If you’re on a Motorway and have any of these happen you could cause a serious accident. It’s just not worth the risk. As long as you have your Width, PCD, Centre Bore and Offset right, you’re on your way to fitting some more desirable wheels to your pride and joy. 

Wildworx Alcester workshop fitting Transporter Alloys for VW vans
With all the information we have provided you regarding the Transporter Alloys for your VW T5 and T6, you no longer have to worry about finding the perfect wheels for your VW T5 or T6. However, if you do have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Wildworx on 01527 359 002 or email us at